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For emergency service or repair please call us at (845) 351-4700.

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Bulk Gasoline Delivery

Suppliers for Bulk Gasoline Delivery to Many Service Stations and Businesses

SOS XTREME Comfort® has years of experience as a bulk gasoline supplier to commercial customers as well as to both traditional service stations and convenience store operations.

Our marketing expertise, guidance and personalized “boutique” service sets us apart from most distributors. Our sales team gives you the individual attention and service you deserve by visiting you in person on a regular basis. We help build your business and increase sales through competitive pricing and promotions of all other profit centers. If you currently have a station, or are interested in acquiring one, feel free to contact our office at (845) 351-4700 with any inquiries.

We offer quality branded and unbranded gasoline delivery from Valero Energy, Citgo Petroleum, Gulf Oil, Sunoco and Philips 76.

Valero, Citgo, Gulf, Sunoco, and Philips 76