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Oil Storage Solutions has a number of products that protect your fuel tank and the areas surrounding the tank. Tank tubs and tank mates are attractive enclosures that protect your tank from outside elements. You can choose from several colors to match the siding on your house. A tank pan placed under your fuel tank can guard your property from a tank or oil line release. With strong Dura-Vinyl construction, Oil Storage Solutions tank tubs and tank mates are built to last and come with 20-year warranties.

Below are just some of the excellent oil storage tank covers, trays and pans we sell in southern NY and northern NJ:

Oil Tank Storage Tub

Double-Wall Tank Tub for 275- and 330-Gallon Oil Tanks

Double-walled containment for 275- or 330-gallon tanks, made of space age Dura-Vinyl, this attractive enclosure protects your tank from the elements, including rain, snow and winter wind chill, and comes in a variety of colors to match your home’s siding.

  • Meets and exceeds EPA and NFPA requirements.
  • Meets state and federal codes for containment.
  • Melt index of 374°F.

Tank Mate Custom Oil Tank Covers

Oil Storage Tank CoverThis attractive custom outdoor oil tank cover offers many options, including side-to-wall, free-standing, short and tall (to accommodate Roth® tanks).

  • One-piece construction, made of space age Dura-Vinyl.
  • UV  and weather resistant, including rain, snow, and winter wind-chill.
  • Easy to install with new or existing oil tanks.
  • Optional Tank Step adds 8″ to height.
  • Optional Tank Mate Stakes helps avoid screwing cover to house.


Tank Tray for 25- or 50-Gallon Containment

Tank Tray for 25- or 50-Gallon Containment

  • Place under your indoor or outdoor tank.
  • Avoids damage from oil tank or oil line leaks.
  • Easy to install with new or existing oil tanks.


Tank Pan for 15-Gallon ContainmentTank Pan for 15-Gallon Containment

Installs in less than 30 seconds – simply place under tank and snap in the supplied clips!



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