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It’s a Cool Time to Replace Your AC

Don’t wait until the weather gets hot to replace your AC system. Getting the job done in late winter or early spring is smart for a lot of reasons.

Comparing Heating-System Replacement Costs

A new heating system is a major investment, and you need to compare both the up-front and the long-term costs.

Important News about Oil Heat!

Dear Friends,
With domestic oil production reaching its highest point in 43 years, most experts expect oil prices to stay lower for the foreseeable future.

WIN the All-New Microsoft Surface 3!

Enter to win the Microsoft Surface 3, which combines the power of a laptop with the portability of a tablet. It’s the perfect device for school, home or when you’re on the go.

Feel Good with Propane

Doesn’t it feel good to have propane in your home? Propane is one of the best energy values for homeowners and businesses in the Hudson Valley, whether you’re using this American-made fuel for heating water, cooking, drying clothes, space heating, or for those gas logs in your fireplace.

Meet the New Oil Heat…

The American oil revolution is bringing lower prices and plentiful domestic supplies. But that’s just the beginning. A new formulation of heating oil is becoming available that burns super-clean, is ultra-efficient and is infused with renewable BioHeat.

And Stay Cozy with Propane!

New water heating standards from the U.S. Department of Energy went into effect in 2015. Under the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act, all new storage tank water heaters—regardless of fuel source—must meet a higher efficiency rating.

Winter is Coming…Are You Ready?

“Be prepared” is a good motto when it comes to winter weather. Besides taking care of your heating equipment, there are other smart ways to keep your home comfortable and lower your energy costs.

No “Cookie Cutters” for Us

A new system will not operate properly if the installer uses a “cookie-cutter” approach! A one-size-fits-all method does not take into account any adjustments that may be necessary to ensure a good fit between the new equipment and your home.

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