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Tips To Help Prepare For The Home Heating Season

Posted On: October 10, 2016

As the winter season gets near we start wondering if our heating system is ready for the cold weather. Heater tune-up is a key factor in ensuring the energy efficiency of the unit while preventing breakdown at the most inconvenient moments. To achieve the desired outcome from your home comfort system, proactive measures are necessary if you want a heater that operates efficiently with little or no risk of breakdown. This article outlines some useful tips that can help you prepare your home for the colder months ahead. Click through to find out more.

Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Heating Your House This Winter

Posted On: September 23, 2016

Winter months can be cold and brutal especially for those who live in areas that experience extreme winter weather. That is why homeowners normally put in a lot of effort towards optimizing home comfort during the cold months of the year. While the intention might be to make indoor spaces warm and comfortable, some homeowners often make a number of serious mistakes. These actions, while not intended to cause harm, can have far-reaching consequences on home comfort and your wallet. This article discusses some of the top mistakes that homeowners make when using their heating system. Click through to read more on this subject.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning System Winner from Middletown NY

Posted On: September 19, 2016

Updated 09/19/2016: Several months ago, Dawn H. and her family won a Fujitsu ductless min-split air conditioning system, fully installed. Since the time that she has won this air conditioner, we have installed it and she’s had the opportunity to enjoy a cool house during this hot summer. Below is a short video showing the […]

Properly Maintaining Your Air Conditioner In The Summer

Posted On: September 12, 2016

During the hot summer months, homeowners normally count on their air conditioning systems to keep them cool and comfortable. While property owners may want their AC to work flawlessly and efficiently to keep their indoor spaces cool, they don’t want their energy bills to increase significantly as a result. They also want to enjoy breathing clean air inside their home. If you share similar concerns, it is important you learn about air conditioner maintenance in the summer. SOS XTREME Comfort®, an air conditioner maintenance services company in Alpine NJ, discusses some important factors that all homeowners should be aware of. Click through to read more.

How To Avoid An Air Conditioner Emergency Repair

Posted On: August 15, 2016

Encountering an AC emergency repair is a nightmare, especially in the middle of summer. However, it does happen. If you have an air conditioner installed in your home, there are a few preventative measures that you must take in order to avoid an emergency air conditioner repair service .
Your AC works hard to keep your home cool, especially during those blistering hot days. So it makes sense that you need to have it serviced from time to time, in order to keep it at peak performance. However, many people are under the impression that their AC is “self maintaining”. Click through to find out more on how to avoid air conditioner emergency repair service.

Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Posted On: August 1, 2016

Just like any other kinds of machines, your HVAC system might require replacing after a while of keeping your air fresh and cool. While not all problems require replacement, there comes a time when you have no choice but to switch to a different HVAC model and make. Simple problems such as clogged air filters and broken fans are fairly easy to correct. However, when things get out of hand, you will have no choice but to invest in a new unit. This article provides information on some of the tell tale signs that you need to either repair or replace your HVAC system.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Air Conditioning Repair Professionals

Posted On: July 25, 2016

The air conditioner is a prize possession in the home and office during times of extreme heat. A malfunctioning unit can cause problems in the home and the places of business. When such an incident occurs, you will need to resolve it as quickly as possible. You may be tempted to contact a local “Jack of all trades” or an uncertified handyman. However, hiring the wrong person to do work on your AC unit can grossly affect your business reputation and your family members. Certified air conditioning professionals are your best bet when it comes to getting reliable work on your cooling unit. This article outlines four benefits of hiring certified air conditioning repair professionals. Click thorugh to find out more.

Grilling Safety Tips For Everyone

Posted On: July 15, 2016

In 2012, more than 16,000 patients went to the emergency room because of injuries involving grills. The majority of these can be easily prevented. Are you prepared to grill safely? In this article, we will discuss the tips that you need in order to grill safely this summer. Click through to find out more.

Do I Need A Dehumidifier? A New York Home Checklist

Posted On: June 27, 2016

A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air within your home. Your home might be sufficiently cooled, but if it is too humid, it will still feel oppressive and hot. Humidifiers are often used during the winter months when it is dry and cold. Heaters make the air inside homes very dry. But during the summer, your home might feel stuffy if you don’t have a humidifier that works in conjunction with your air conditioner. How do you know if you need a dehumidifier to fix the issue? Read this article to find out.

Top 7 Benefits Of Using An Aqua-Pure Water Filter For Your Home

Posted On: June 6, 2016

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable to only drink and bathe in treated water to avoid ingesting harmful contaminants. One of the best ways to purify water is by using a good water filter. By using a water filter in your home, this can assure you that the water that you are using to cook, bathe, and drink is safe and healthy. With that in mind, click through to read the top 7 benefits of using an Aqua-Pure water filter for your home.

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