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6 Things to Ask Before Buying a Home with Propane Heat

Posted On: April 11, 2018

Considering how proud we are of our fuel delivery and support services, it’s not a stretch to say we fully support the use of propane and natural gas. But we do not endorse using it blindly! When seeking out a new home, finding that the heat or appliances are powered by gas can be a big boon, but there are some things you should learn before you buy.

Not sure what questions to ask, or why these questions even matter? Follow along with the specialists at SOS Xtreme Comfort and we’ll clue you in.

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Ask What Devices Are Powered

Knowing exactly what the propane is being used for is very important for budgeting and maintaining your supply. Propane makes for excellent and powerful heating, but it doesn’t matter how effective it is if you didn’t know how much fuel you were going to need.

Ask If the Tank Is Rented

Renting a tank from a fuel or delivery provider is becoming increasingly common. There are a lot of benefits to this, including the company maintaining the tank and supply for you at a minimal cost, letting you worry about other things. But since the service is becoming more common there’s also a lot of competition. If the tank is rented, find out the rates and the rates of competitors in the area to ensure you get the best deal available.

Inquire About the Age of the Tank

Tanks are built hardy and built to last, but that does not mean they last forever. Corrosion and disrepair can land you with a big bill you weren’t expecting, and can even present some health and safety hazards. If the tank is older, or you’re just unsure and don’t feel like gambling, go ahead and have a service pro diagnose the tank. A new model means a clean slate, and no stress over leaks.

Find Out the Capacity of the Tank

The capacity is important to know so that you can set up effective fuel delivery times with your provider. If you don’t know the size of the tank you can be caught shelling out for a service more often than you need it, or worse, going without when you miscalculated your tank’s capacity.

Learn the Efficiency Rating of the Heating

Propane heat is powerful and effective, but it’s true that older systems weren’t all that efficient. 60% was common back in the day, and frankly that’s terrible. Modern systems can peak at ratings around 95% or more, keeping your fuel usage down and comfort up.

Ask for Maintenance Records

A well maintained tank can last 40 years—often even more. But if the previous owner rarely (or never) got professional maintenance the tank could be corroded or could fail prematurely. You want these records so that you can understand what you’re dealing with, and to know whether or not you should expect to be repairing or replacing the tank in the near future.

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