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6 Tips On How To Use Your Space Heater Safely

Posted On: September 21, 2015

Space heaters can keep your home warm and your family comfortable. When you start with some easy tips, your space heater will not be a safety hazard. You can enjoy its benefits without any problems. Learn 6 easy tips to consider while using a space heater in your home.

1. Your heater needs space.

It is extremely dangerous to place a space heater close to other objects. Clothing, paper, and cardboard boxes are only a few of the items that can cause a fire. Place your heater three feet or more from other objects.

2. Space Heaters And Moisture Are Dangerous Combinations.

If you use a heater in a damp, moist environment, you can experience an electrical shock. If you need a heater in your bathroom or other area that is prone to moisture, choose one specially made for moist environments.

3. Plug Heaters Into Standard Wall Outlets.

Avoid plugging your space heaters into power bars, multi-outlet strips, and extension cords. Using these products can increase the risk of fire.

4. Only Use Heaters When You Are Present.

It can be tempting to leave a space heater on when you leave home for awhile and want the room to be warm when you return, or to keep it on when you sleep at night.

These approaches can lead to a fire. Although it is more dangerous if you have pets or children, never leave a heater on when you are not present to supervise it. The best approach is to unplug your heater whenever you are not in the room.

5. Purchase The Right Heater.

using a space heater safelyAll heaters are not alike. Buy a quality heater in the correct size, and make sure it has safety features. The heater you choose should have a UL approval label.

6. Improve Safety In Your Home.

Even the best heater that is consistently monitored can cause problems. Install smoke alarms in every room. If it is a gas heater, you should also install carbon monoxide alarms. Gas heaters also require appropriate ventilation if they are to be used safely.

During the winter season, it is important to keep your home and family warm. A warm home is not only comfortable, but it is healthy, too.

A space heater is convenient when you want warmth, and can help you save money on your home heating bills. When you start with these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of space heaters without the danger of fire or other complications. Wintertime can be comfortable and safe.
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