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All You Need to Know About Comfort Watch by Gremlin

Ensuring your systems are equipped with the proper level of propane or heating oil can be challenging. Without a way to monitor your current supply levels, you can increase your risk of running out of fuel well before your next delivery date. But what if there were a way that you could remotely monitor your heating oil levels and deliver that information directly to your provider?

Comfort Watch by Gremlin does precisely that: This wireless tank monitor technology shows the precise amount of heating oil available in your tank at all times in one easy-to-navigate platform. And with SOS Xtreme Comfort as one of the first companies to offer this monitor, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania residents can now enjoy peace of mind like never before.

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What is Comfort Watch & How Does It Work?

Comfort Watch is a wireless monitor that attaches to your propane or heating oil tank to measure your fuel level. The device takes this information and transmits it wirelessly to your fuel provider’s office through a cellular network or internet connection. Those using Comfort Watch can also download the app to their smartphones. This way, you’ll not only send your fuel information to your provider, but you can easily access the information yourself for added peace of mind.

Gremlin monitors are only sold by a nationwide network of propane and heating oil partner companies and can only be installed on above-ground tanks. SOS Xtreme Comfort is among the first providers able to offer this cutting-edge technology to our customers. What’s more, our auto-delivery customers throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania can receive this helpful upgrade completely free of charge.

Benefits of Comfort Watch

By adding Comfort Watch to your home, you can reap amazing benefits for yourself and your family, including the following:

  • Access your current tank level from your smartphone at any time
  • Be automatically alerted when your levels are falling too low
  • Easily connect with your SOS Xtreme Comfort fuel provider with questions and concerns
  • Stay warm and comfortable all season long with reliable fuel supply
  • Have peace of mind knowing your fueling needs are being met

Our team truly cares about your continued comfort. That’s why we’re offering our auto-delivery customers throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania the opportunity to install this wireless monitor completely free of charge! Discover the benefits that Comfort Watch technology can deliver to you and your family first-hand by contacting your SOS Xtreme Comfort provider today.

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Are you ready to start tracking your fuel supply levels? SOS Xtreme Comfort is proud to partner with Gremlin to provide our customers with wireless Comfort Watch technology. Easy to install and highly secure, Comfort Watch is the product you need to ensure you and your family stay comfortable all season long.

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