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Fujitsu Air Conditioning System Winner from Middletown NY

Posted On: September 19, 2016

Updated 09/19/2016:

Several months ago, Dawn H. and her family won a Fujitsu ductless min-split air conditioning system, fully installed. Since the time that she has won this air conditioner, we have installed it and she’s had the opportunity to enjoy a cool house during this hot summer. Below is a short video showing the happy family and the installed unit:

Congratulations to Dawn H. and her family for winning our Fujitsu Air Conditioning System giveaway. The Dawn and her family lives in Middletown, NY. They are thrilled to be receiving a free ductless min-split cooling system for their home. Dawn lives in an older home that does not have any air conditioning and she is so excited to finally have a cool place relax indoors!

As the winner of the SOS Xtreme Comfort Fujitsu Ductless AC system, they will now have a lower utility bill due to the Fujitsu’s extremely high energy efficiency SEER rating. They’ll also be able to enjoy their home with precision zone controlled air conditioning and better indoor air quality.

Dawn and her family at their home during our pre-installation survey. Fujitsu Air Conditioning Middletown NY.

Interested in more information about ductless air conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning systems are excellent solutions for air conditioning in homes that don’t have central AC systems. They are also excellent for properties needing a retrofit. For example, ductless is a solution for home additions, sun rooms, pool houses, garages or problem rooms that are difficult to heat or cool.

How does ductless work?
There are three main components in a ductless air conditioner. The outdoor condenser unit, the indoor head unit and the line set that connects the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. These systems do not require any ductwork, making them extremely easy to install. Additionally, ductless air conditioning is whisper quiet making it a great upgrade for any home that is currently using window air conditioning.

Click here to learn more about ductless air conditioning or heating for your home. SOS Xtreme Comfort can provide a ductless solution for all types of properties, residential and commercial. We offer free estimates, give us a call at 845-351-4700 in NY and NJ or 570-618-8055 in PA.

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