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Grilling Safety Tips For Everyone

Posted On: July 15, 2016

In 2012, more than 16,000 patients went to the emergency room because of injuries involving grills. The majority of these can be easily prevented. Are you prepared to grill safely? In this article, we will discuss propane safety tips that you need in order to grill safely this summer.

How Far Should Your Grill Be From Your Home For Deck Railing?

It is never a good idea to place your grill close to your home or your deck railing as the closer the grill is to the house or railing the higher the likelihood is of melting your siding for catching your home on fire. It is important that your keep your grill away from your home and deck railings.

How Do You Turn Your Grill On Safely?

Homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that many of grill explosions happen because of the way that they turn their grill on. This is where you need to follow the below steps to make sure that your grill isn’t a ticking time bomb when you turn it on.

  • Open the lid before turning on the grill
  • Turn on the propane tank
  • Turn on the knobs of the grill burner.
  • Push the ignition button (if you have one).

What Happens If The Grill Doesn’t Ignite?

Shut off the gas and be sure to let the gas dissipate before igniting the grill again. You need to wait at least 5 minutes before you attempt to ignite it again. Many accidents happen because homeowners leave the propane on in their grill and keep hitting the ignition button. When they do this, gas builds up inside of their grill.

How Do You Turn Off The Grill Safely?

Most people go through this process in reverse. They typically turn off the knobs, close the lid, and then turn off the propane. However the safest way to turn off your propane is by turning off the gas first. This keeps excess gas from leaking out. After you have turned off the gas, then you can turn off the grill burners.

Knowing how to grill safely will guarantee that you prevent any minor and even major accidents from happening. You might be surprised at ow many accidents happen per year and they are typically caused by the lack of knowledge on propane safety.

As with grills, all propane appliances can become a major risk if they are not used and maintained properly. They become major fire hazards and can even become a health hazard if there is an undetected propane leak. A trained technician knows what to look for to ensure the safety of your home. Your propane appliances are there to make your life easier and not be scary. The first step is knowing how to use and take care of them so they continue to be safe and reliable.

Learn More About Propane Safety

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