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What Makes A Viessmann Boiler Better Than Others?

Posted On: February 13, 2017

Thanks to advanced technology and plenty of research, Viessmann is one of the leading manufacturers in heating technology. Their heating and solar products are reliable, efficient and affordable. The design of Viessmann products are built with the consumer needs in mind. They offer innovative solutions that make life more comfortable. Sleek, stylish designs, intuitive and responsive controls, and eco-friendly features are just but some of the reasons a Viessmann boiler stands out from the crowd.


Viessmann offers a broad range of German engineered oil and gas powered boilers. They use customized solutions for use in commercial applications, residential homes, and apartment buildings. Buyers have the option to choose between wall mounted and floor standing versions. Additionally, the design includes sealed combustion, zero clearance to combustibles and with flexible venting for pipes.

High Efficiency Ratings

Viessmann boilers boast high energy efficiency. Therefore, this makes them one of the cleanest and most economical for water heating. It significantly contributes to environmental protection. In addition, the company manufactures all of its own products. Therefore, this ensures consistent quality across the entire range of products. There are additional benefits from combining its heating technologies.


Viessmann boilers share plenty of quality features and elements. Some of these features include cleaner energy, better fuel economy and better comfort levels for the users. Furthermore, their products have a broad range with varying power ranges and water flow rates. Viessmann boilers are equally recommended for both residential and commercial applications.

The most exceptional feature of Viessmann gas boilers is the radial heat exchanger. It’s made from stainless steel. This prevents corrosion. It also enhances durability and reliability. The heat exchanger allows them to operate at very low water temperatures hence providing extremely high energy efficiency.

The variable-speed powered fan and modulating cylinder gas burner also work in unison to provide high-efficiency heating. They both have extremely quiet operation and reduced gas emission. Viessmann boilers also have plenty of other elements that provide significant user benefits. Some of them include:

  • multi-unit operation
  • high altitude operation
  • outdoor reset functions
  • no fuel conservation kit required
  • integrated control unit
  • various safety features

Economical And Reliable

Viessmann also takes advantage of the most recent technological developments to provide everything a homeowner or commercial client needs from an economical and reliable boiler. For instance, some of the most recent Viessmann boilers now come with WiFi and internet connectivity. That enables installers to respond automatically to automatic fault notifications, not to mention the added convenience of online service planning and remote performance monitoring.

Unlike previous connectivity technology where device thermostats were linked to end user’s smartphones, Viessmann boilers with WiFi and internet connectivity are said to be the first to connect directly to with a domestic boiler and first to remotely provide comprehensive diagnostic data to installers. Internet connectivity is achieved by simply connecting to the user’s home WiFi. Furthermore, the same technology will also allow installers to monitor their installations remotely using the the Vitoguide digital service, which can be used via a desktop or tablet to access a live feed of the system’s performance and other critical details.

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