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Best Ways To Find Drafts In Your Home For The Winter

Posted On: January 16, 2017

If your home experiences drafts, you are losing money unnecessarily. The costs that go into keeping the house warm will quickly escalate. The presence of drafts will keep the heater running for longer. Consequently, this uses more power to reach the set temperatures. The reverse is also true. During hot weather, your house will be uncomfortably warm since drafts cause hot air to enter and your cool air to exit.  Since your heater or air conditioner will constantly cycle, this leads to constant breakdowns and early replacement. For these reasons, it is important to locate all significant drafts in order to seal them off.

Finding A Draft In Old Homes

Locating a draft in a old home can be difficult. There are numerous points from which the draft could be coming from. When trying to locate a draft, use your hands to feel around the doors and windows.  Check for air blowing against the back of your hand. Doors and windows are two of the common sites for drafts. This is especially true when they are old and have defective seals around them.

Do Some Investigating

In order to find exactly where your drafts are located, you can do a few tricks to help you. Get a candle and light it. Watch how the flame behaves at different points. It is also important to note the direction of draft, and whether it is cold or warm air.

Another trick is shining a light, such as a flashlight, from one room into another with the door closed. Have another person stand in the next room. In the event that they see the light shining through, then you know that you have a draft.  Additionally, to find drafts under your doors, you need to place a piece of paper under the door and close it. Pull out the piece of paper. If it comes out easily, this is an indicator of a draft under that particular door.

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Seek The Services Of A Specialist

Drafts increase your power bills. Therefore, it is worth your time to hire a professional. They can accurately locate the source of your drafts. They will be able to correct it immediately. Doing this will save you money and time. Since they have the right tools and necessary experience, a professional will help you find all the drafts in your home and offer necessary remedies. There are several places where drafts occur that most people may not even realize. This includes electrical outlets, baseboards, dryer vents, plumbing sections, and fireplaces.

Heating System Tune-Up Bloomingburg NY

Every home has the potential to have drafts. This is regardless of how much time and resources were spent to insulate it. For this reason, be sure to have a proper check up conducted by a professional to identify all the drafts in your home. Afterwards, make sure that the drafts are repaired as soon as possible. Eliminating drafts is a great way to cut down on power use. This, in turn, reduces your home heating and cooling costs. In the long run, the amount invested to acquire the services of a specialist will be insignificant to what you will be able to save. Additionally, your home is kept warm during the cold weather and cool on hot days.

You can also cut down on your home heating costs by making sure that you schedule a professional heating system tune-up. The health of your heater plays an important role at keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter. By contacting SOS XTREME Comfort®, your system will operate more efficiently and more effectively.  Be sure to talk to us about our reliable and affordable propane delivery services and heating oil delivery services.

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