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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Heating Your House This Winter

Posted On: September 23, 2016

Winter months can be cold and brutal especially for those who live in areas that experience extreme winter weather. Many of us desire to have a warm, comfortable indoor environment throughout the winter months. However, some homeowners often make a number of mistakes when trying to prepare their home. These actions, while not intended to cause harm, can have far-reaching consequences on home comfort and your wallet. SOS XTREME Comfort®, a company that specializes in heating system tune-ups, shares some common mistakes people often make when heating their home:

Turning Up The Thermostat For Faster Heating

Thermostats are only meant to turn the heating cycle on and off. When the set temperature is reached, the heating cycle is turned off. Similarly, when room temperatures drop below the desired level, the thermostat turns on the heating cycle. Turning the thermostat a few degrees higher than it needs to be will not make your heater heat your home faster. In fact, it will cost you more money since the heater will continue heating your home for a longer period of time than necessary to reach the new temperature setting. Ideally, you should be patient and wait for the heater to do its job instead of making this costly mistake.

Ignoring Foul Smells

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, you should not ignore it, unless you know there is a rotten egg somewhere around the house. The egg smell could be coming from the furnace. It is usually a sign of a gas leak in the furnace, so you should not ignore the problem as it could be a serious danger sign. This can be blamed on a leak in the heat exchanger, which may be sending a large quantity of carbon monoxide into your home. Some people often make the mistake of using air freshener to mask the smell instead of calling their heating company to inspect the problem. In fact, if you suspect a gas leak, you should vacate the house and call 911 before calling your heating company.

Leaving Curtains Closed On Sunny Days

Heating your home throughout winter can cost you a lot of money, so any idea for reducing your heating bill is usually welcomed. For instance, you may want to consider opening the curtains to allow sunlight to enter the house. Sunlight will help to heat up the house, which will reduce your heating bill. Unfortunately, many people often make the mistake of keeping curtains and shades closed on sunny days. Do not make the same mistake if you want to a lower your heating bill this winter.

Heating An Empty House

There is no logic in heating an empty space, but many homeowners often make this mistake. Ideally, the thermostat should either be turned down or off during the day when nobody is at home. It needs to be turned back on in the evening when you get back home. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. It can turn the system on and off at different times based on the instructions you put into the system. Avoiding this mistake will save you money during the cold winter months.

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You can follow these tips and avoid costly home heating expenses. These tips will make your home more energy efficient. Additionally, they will keep your home more comfortable against the cold winter. They will also put less strain on your heating system so that you less likely to experience a breakdown. On top of following the above tips, it is important that you maintain your heating system. This is especially important before you begin to depend on it it to keep you warm during the cold season. Be sure to contact a reliable HVAC company to conduct an annual heating system tune-up.

For any questions that you have on your heating system, be sure to call SOS XTREME Comfort®. We will address any questions or concerns that you have. Also, we offer high quality heating oil and propane delivery services. Our technicians are certified and we are proud of our high standard of values.  Click here or, give us a call at 845-351-4700.

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