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How Long Does Propane Last?

Posted On: May 11, 2018

Utilizing propane is a very effective fuel source for nearly countless applications, from firing up the grill, all the way to keeping your home heated and warm. It does have one, somewhat small caveat, however—learning how to maintain your supply. This can feel like a challenging task at first (maybe even a bit frustrating), but we’re happy to say that with the barest of preparation and information, you can be storing adequate amounts of fuel to meet all of your needs.

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Does Propane Expire?

First up comes one of our most important questions: will your stored fuel expire? And we’re glad to say no, it will not! Unlike fuel sources that can degrade over time (kerosene, diesel, gasoline), propane fuel has no expiration date, nor will its potency suffer while being stored. The only thing you need to worry about when storing propane is maintaining the health and integrity of the propane storage tank. You need to have on-site tanks re-certified every decade, and it’s wise to get the tank inspected by a professional to detect any possible leaks annually.

How Long Will My Propane Burn?

The most important thing to understand about how long your propane will last is your burn rate—or how long your fuel will last per pound/gallon. For this, you’re probably going to want to break out a calculator.

First, it’s important to know that one gallon of propane translates to roughly 92,000 BTUs of heating power, and that one gallon is equivalent to 4.24 lbs of fuel. With this information you can check the BTU demand of your propane furnace (this can range anywhere from 20,000 to as high as 200,000—it’s important to know the exact number).

With this information on hand, you can divide the BTU/Hr of your furnace by the BTU available in a single gallon of propane (92,000) to learn how far that one gallon will get you in an hour of heating. Next, take the total capacity of your tank—80% of it to be precise, since this is how much a fuel delivery company will fill the tank for safety reasons—and multiply it by the burn rate you totalled above, and voila! You should now know how long your tank, when filled, can be expected to last.

Fuel Storage Safety Facts

And last up, we want to leave you with some important safety information. Propane is a powerful and reliable fuel, but it demands a bit of care and respect, too! Simple tips include:

  • Propane expands and contracts with temperature variance. Above 60 degrees it is roughly “normal”, and below it will contract. Keep this in mind when ordering fuel!
  • Always work with your propane tanks in an open, well-ventilated area. Even a minor leak can severely harm your health in short order.
  • Propane tank overfilling can be very dangerous, so always be sure to have your tanks filled with a respectable supplier. It’s also wise to familiarize yourself with how to inspect for overfill (this calculator can help!)
  • If you notice any strange odors when handling your propane tank do not use the tank. Have it inspected, and possibly bled/replaced instead.
  • An easy check for leaks along the release valve is to apply soapy water. See bubbles? If so, you have a leak! This is not a replacement for a proper inspection, but it’s a good self check to use occasionally.

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