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Do I Need A Dehumidifier? A New York Home Checklist

Posted On: June 27, 2016

mold found on a white wallA dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air within your home. Your home might be sufficiently cooled, but if it is too humid, it will still feel oppressive and hot. Humidifiers are often used during the winter months when it is dry and cold. Heaters make the air inside homes very dry. But during the summer, your home might feel stuffy if you don’t have a humidifier that works in conjunction with your air conditioner. How do you know if you need a dehumidifier to fix the issue? Use this checklist to find out.

You Have Wet Stains On Your Walls Or Ceilings

If you have wet marks on your walls or ceilings, there is too much moisture in your home and you should probably get a dehumidifier to help. If you leave the stains, they can turn into dangerous mold.

You Have Rotting Wood Around Your Windows

Moisture might cling to your windows and if there is too much, the wood around the windows and other areas of the home will start to rot because it has been wet for too long. You can dry the wood out by drying the air out with a humidifier.

You Tested Your Air And It Is Above 50% Humidity Level

humidity level in a homeGrab a hygrometer or a thermometer that also tests the air for humidity. If the air in your home is over 50%, you need a dehumidifier. If it is below 30% in the winter, that is too dry.

Some Of The Rooms In Your House Have A Musty Odor

If you can’t seem to clear out that musty smell, mold and mildew are likely present because there is too much moisture in the air. These items live on moisture so when you take the water out of the air, they will die off.

You Have Troubles With Allergies

If you have trouble with your allergies, even inside, it is often because of the airborne allergens that thrive in moist air. In order to ensure your air is as clean as possible, run a dehumidifier and maintain a low level of humidity.

You Have Obvious Water Run Off Inside

Some homes have problems with rain and ground water seeping inside. If you notice water stains in the lower levels of the home every time it rains, the air in your home is suffering too. To take away the damage the moisture can do, get a dehumidifier.

If you relate to many of the items on the checklist and think you need a dehumidifier with your central AC, you will need to understand what your home needs. Educate yourself on the types, sizes, and styles of dehumidifiers so you can make an informed decision that will work well for the specific humidity issue you are facing. It is always best to consult with an HVAC specialist because they will accurately be able to tell you what would best in your circumstances. Using a dehumidifier with your central AC system can cool and remove humidity from your home all at once, leaving you with a comfortable space that has cool, clean air for you and your family to enjoy throughout the summer months.

When you need a reputable HVAC company, be sure to contact SOS XTREME Comfort®. We are your air conditioning experts. Your central air conditioning system might need the assistance of a dehumidifier in order to remove that hot and sticky feeling from your home. This will help you stay comfortable throughout the summer.

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