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Safely Delivering Oil or Propane to Your Home during Inclement Weather

Posted On: January 28, 2015

At SOS XTREME Comfort our primary concern is your comfort and safety, and under no circumstances do we ever want to endanger your property, or ever put one of our staff members in harms’ way.

Our automatic delivery system provides a safety buffer of several days so that if inclement weather exists, the delivery can be made a few days later when conditions improve. There are however, some conditions that do require intervention by a homeowner so that a safe and timely delivery can be made.

IMPORTANT: An Ambulance or Fire Truck will require the same driveway surface and clearances as a fuel delivery truck. If we are unable to get up your driveway, it is likely they cannot either!
Here are a few guidelines and information regarding emergency service:

  • Driveway width: The heating oil delivery truck requires a driveway approximately 10 feet wide, and sharp corners plowed to at least 18 feet wide to accommodate the turning radius of the truck.
  • Sanding your driveway: We do recommend using a landscaper or contractor who can provide a sand and salt mixture. This will melt the ice and give better traction than salt alone.
  • Backing up the driveway: very often homeowners will ask us why the truck backs in, instead of driving straight in. The reason for this is that the liquid load of the truck shifts to the downhill side. If the truck were to drive up a hill straight in, the steering tires would have virtually no weight on them, and could cause the vehicle to slide out of control if it encounters ice on the driveway.

In case of an emergency we are available as long as roads are clear and passable. Call 845-351-4700 and select option #4. If the phones are not in service, send an email to info@sosfuels.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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