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Smelly AC? Find Out Why

Posted On: August 4, 2015

woman pinching her nose closeYour air conditioner, apart from maintaining the temperature and humidity of your room to a comfortable level, also keeps the atmosphere inside your room air fresh and hygienic. Here are some factors you should check for when this gadget starts emitting foul smelling air.

The air conditioner contains a filter between its condenser and its grille, which traps dust particles before expelling air inside the room. Apart from this, window based models also contain a tray, with a plug on it, located underneath the condenser to hold and drain away moisture removed by the gadget. A dirty filter or a clogged plug can lead to formation of mildew inside the unit, which pollutes the air. Cleaning them solves the problem.

The Dehumidification Angle

Selecting a higher tonnage air conditioner causes it to trip from cooling to fan mode frequently. In the process, the gadget is unable to dehumidify your room properly. The moisture in the room can lead to the growth of mildew and mold in your room as well as in your air conditioner’s gadgets. This can lead to emission of a `dirty sock’ type smell. Select the tonnage appropriate for your room with the assistance of a HVAC services pro. He will also check the cooling coils of the unit for growth of bacteria or similar microorganisms… that can also cause emission of odor… and clean them.

Rodents And Smelly Air

You can rest assured that your air cooling unit will emit foul smelling air if it contains a dead rodent inside its air duct. They love to hide in comfortable and warm crevices during the winter, such as that of your switched off AC. More often than not, they remain trapped inside the unit and die. Resultantly, a blast of pungent air will greet you when you first turn on the air conditioner during the summer season. It might be impossible for you to locate the remains of the animal, particularly if you are using a central air conditioning unit, and the rodent is located inside the duct. Contact a HVAC services specialist to locate the rodent, remove it, and fumigate the duct.

Gun Powder Smell

contractor performing hvac maintenanceIf your AC emits a gun powder like smell, shut down the power supply immediately. A shorted fan motor or circuit board emits such smells. Doing so prevents further damage to your air conditioner. It is impossible for you to detect and repair such problems. Your best option is to contact a company that deals in HVAC services. Ensure that they replace the damaged circuitry with original spares.

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