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Tips on What to Do if You Smell a Gas Leak

Propane provides a safe, nontoxic source of energy. Nonetheless, it is crucial to take action quickly if you smell a gas leak in or near your home. Many people liken the odor of propane gas to “rotten eggs.” This scent comes from a substance all suppliers add to propane so that customers can detect leaks more easily. Some major leaks are accompanied by hissing sounds, but this does not always occur. If you suspect leakage, try to identify its source.

When Is It Dangerous?

A propane smell might not be associated with a ruptured line or tank. It is normal to detect this odor briefly when you light the burners on a stove. If it persists or you smell it when an appliance is not in use, the gas might be coming from a pilot light that went out. It could also be caused by accidentally leaving the valve for a stove burner open a small amount. You can easily correct these problems.

What to Do Otherwise

If you determine the gas odor was not created by one of the above-mentioned problems, it is vital to shut off the valve on your propane tank immediately. You can accomplish this by turning it clockwise. Next, contact your propane supplier on a telephone in an area that does not smell of gas. You can do this at any hour. If the provider does not respond, dial 911 for emergency assistance.

In the Meantime

As you wait for the propane company or local authorities to respond, stay away from the gas leak. Extinguish any flames in your wood stove or fireplace. Do not turn on a vacuum cleaner or any appliance that could produce sparks. Avoid touching light switches and doorbells. Remember not to use phones, candles, cigarettes, lighters, or matches in the affected area. If you smell “rotten eggs” outdoors, do not start an automobile; it could ignite the fuel.

After emergency or propane company personnel arrive, they will thoroughly check the area for a gas leak. Wait for them to provide instructions on what to do next. Your propane supplier’s technicians will carefully inspect the system and fix any problems. By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of a fire or explosion. Consider installing a gas detector for greater safety. It will help you detect leaks when you are sleeping or if an illness prevents you from smelling them.

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