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6 Tips To Prepare Your Propane Home for Winter

Posted On: September 7, 2022

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If there’s one thing homeowners in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania agree on, it’s that the winters can be frigid and a reliable heating source is necessary. If you rely on propane to heat your home, you must ensure your tank and equipment are ready well ahead of time.

SOS Xtreme Comfort is ready to help you prepare your home for the winter. As a fourth-generation, family-owned business, we’re committed to helping our customers keep their homes warm and their furnaces in perfect condition for winter. Follow the steps below to ensure your home is prepared for the season.

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Refill Your Home’s Propane Tank Early

If you use propane to heat your home, an important step in preparing your home for winter is to order your propane early. An early order means you’ll have plenty of propane when you need it. It also gives you extra time in case of supply shortages.

With the unpredictable weather in our area, you could be swimming one day and sledding the next, so knowing you have propane to keep your home and family safe, warm, and comfortable is essential.

Order your propane refill early. You’ll be ahead of schedule and have peace of mind knowing you’re ready to handle the winter storms. Our friendly professionals can help you schedule your propane refill service and set up automatic delivery so you know you’ll have a steady fuel supply.

Don’t wait until winter is in full force to plan for your home’s heating.

Check Your Propane Supply Regularly

Even with scheduled delivery, checking your propane supply regularly is important for preparing your propane home for winter. During a cold snap or a higher-than-normal usage period, your propane supply could drop low enough to be concerning.

The general rule is that the propane in your propane tank should never drop below 25%. When it gets to this level, it’s time to schedule a propane refill. By regularly checking your propane levels, you’ll know when to call SOS Xtreme Comfort for a refill, and you won’t be caught rationing your fuel use until your next delivery.

Keep Outdoor Vents & Chimneys Clear

It’s important to keep your outdoor vents and chimneys clear. Open chimneys and vents allow some air to flow through your home, which keeps your heating system working properly. If your vents and chimneys become blocked with snow, ice, or debris, your heating system should shut off automatically.

As a safety feature, your heating system is designed to turn off if the vents are blocked. Without a bit of airflow, carbon monoxide can build up, and your home could quickly become unsafe. Keeping your vents and chimneys clear is essential to keep your heating system working properly and safely. It also helps maintain the energy efficiency of your heating system.

Schedule an Inspection of Your Heating System & Appliances

Prepping your home for winter should include a professional inspection of your heating system and major appliances. A professional inspection will give you peace of mind that your home is ready for winter.

The professionals at SOS Xtreme Comfort will diligently check all the components and connections in your heating system and appliances. They’ll repair any minor problems before they become significant.

Professional heating system inspections also help you save money and maintain the energy efficiency of your heating system.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Another way to prepare your home for winter is by upgrading your old thermostat to a modern, programmable one. Homes that use programable thermostats save around 10% yearly on their heating costs.

Programmable thermostats allow you to have more customized heating levels. You can set the temperature lower when you and your family are away from home. You can also program it to warm your home to a more comfortable temperature before everyone returns. Lowering your home’s temperature by a few degrees when people are sleeping or when no one is home will help you save propane and money during winter.

Mark the Location of Your Propane Tank

Snow and debris buildup can happen quickly during winter. Without a clear marker that shows the location of your propane tank, you and your delivery driver may not be able to find it when it’s time for your propane refill.

A clear propane tank marker will help you save time and energy finding your tank’s exact location. Your propane tank marker can be a flag or a brightly colored stick. It needs to be at the tank’s location, tall enough to be seen even with heavy snowfall, and secure enough to not fall over during harsh weather.

Reliable Heating Services in NY, NJ & PA

When you’re getting your home ready for winter this year, let SOS Xtreme Comfort help you. We’re the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania team that homeowners trust for their propane delivery and heating system. With our implementation of wireless technology, we have superior delivery performance.

Get your home ready for winter with SOS Xtreme Comfort. Schedule your propane delivery today by calling us at NJ: (973) 827-8179, PA: (570) 618-8055, or NY: (845) 351-4700.

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