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New Hampton: Propane Boiler Installation

tan house with large front yardThe Riveras live in a community with many ranch and split level homes like theirs. Their house had an old Peerless WBV boiler coupled with Peerless partner indirect water heater that was installed in 1973. Both were extremely inefficient. The equipment needed to be replaced due to multiple breakdowns. After consulting with us, they realized that a new system would offer much higher efficiency ratings and therefore, reduced home heating costs.

Their heating system lasted far beyond its lifespan. However, that led to extremely high fuel consumption and costly to operate. The Riveras also had their old underground oil tank removed. This gave them peace of mind that they would not experience any potential oil leaks. Oil tanks tend to last between 15 to 30 years, depending on many factors. Therefore, having an oil tank that is 43 years old became an issue, especially since theirs was underground. Old underground oil tanks run the risk of leaking oil into the ground, creating an EPA liability. Our solution included the removal of their old oil tank with a replacement propane tank.

Save Space And Energy Expenses While Feeling More Comfortable In New Hampton!


old heating oil boilerProblem: The Rivera’s heating system needed to be replaced. It was installed in 1973 and was performing inadequately due to its age. Additionally, their underground oil tank was also installed in 1973 and needed to be removed prior to leaking into the ground.

Solution: We installed a Viessman 100 combination unit which is a wall-mounted, high efficiency condensing boiler. This includes a tankless domestic hot water plate heat exchanger which hangs below the system. The entire system hangs on the wall and offers up to 90.3% efficiency which exceeds Energy Star® efficiency ratings. The Riveras were spending approximately $600.00 per month on energy costs. Now, they are spending about $380.00 per month. That is $220.00 in savings per month! Additionally, we removed the buried oil tank and replaced it with a propane tank.

new gas condensing boilerThe Riveras can now enjoy their new propane heating system which is far more efficient. They will be able to pay reduced home heating costs while feeling more comfortable during the winter. Additionally, they will no longer have to worry about the possibility of an oil leak which is common with extremely old oil tanks such as theirs. The space that their old water heater consumed is now available for them to use. The install was quick and we left their home in better circumstances than when we arrived.

Additional Bonuses?


Their new Viessman system uses a very small amount of space in comparison to the Riveras’ old Peerless system. Additionally, since the new system included a tankless water heater, they were able to remove their old water heater, saving space. Additionally, we were able to install a propane line to their new barbecue which they will be able to enjoy for many seasons to come. This eliminates the need to run out for 20lb BBQ tank propane refills! The Riveras are extremely happy with their decision to do an oil to propane conversion in their home.

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Increase Your Property Value With A Propane Boiler Installation New Hampton


When you replace your old, inefficient system with one that is exceptionally efficient, you have added more value to your property. This is especially the case when it is replaced with a boiler that is considered one of the best boilers available on the market today.

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