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Milford: Oil Boiler Installation

oil boiler installation in milford paMilford PA has a lot of rural single family residential homes like this household. In these homes, we run across a lot of oil boiler replacement projects like the Haner’s home. In this household we replaced an old Kern Comet direct vent oil boiler with a new Burnham MPO-IQ Oil Fired High Efficiency water boiler.

The old heating system was not performing at a high efficiency level and was causing problems with constant breakdowns. The oil burner was consistently getting clogged which caused the heater to stop working correctly.

In-Kind Replacement of a Direct Vent Oil Boiler in Milford, Pennsylvania!

exterior smoke damage from a heating systemProblem: The Haner’s old heating system was a Kern, direct vent oil boiler that was clogged with soot. The clogging creating smoke which had stained the exterior Texture-111 siding of the home, as pictured in this case study.

Solution: We installed a brand new Burnham MPO-IQ Oil Fired High Efficiency water boiler in the Haner’s Milford home. The new boiler will not smoke, clog or run in-efficiently.

Milford Heating System Installations

new oiler installation in new burnhamThe Burnham MPO-IQ blends unmatched performance with long lasting durability and exclusive energy saving features. Designed as an optimal replacement boiler for homes just like this Milford, PA home. The MPO-IQ has the highest average efficiency in its class. Its rating is as high as 87% AFUE which easily exceeds the ENERGY STAR levels for efficiency.

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New Oil Boiler Installation In Milford PA Increases The Home’s Property Value

By choosing the Burnham oil heating system, the Haners increased the property value of their home because they decided to install a high efficiency heating system.  The Burnham boiler comes with a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty and exceeds the ENERGY STAR efficiency ratings for its class of heating systems.  Click the button below to schedule a free in-home consultation for a replacement heating system in your house.

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