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Monroe NY: Oil To Natural Gas Conversion

large white home with a big yardThe Burns live in a center hall Colonial style home which is characteristic of the architecture of this area. Their house had an old and outdated oil system which still used cast iron radiators. It was inefficient and it was costing the Burns quite a bit to keep their home warm over the last couple of winters.

Furthermore, their system wasn’t reliable due to the numerous breakdowns they had experienced over the last few years. Our heating expert consulted with the Burns in their home to discuss their options.

Their heating system was installed at a time where these types of systems were considered state-of-the-art heating systems. However, things in the heating industry have changed quite a bit since then.

Old and outdated systems loose their efficiency and effectiveness over time which is why the Burns gave us a call. Additionally, they decided to take this opportunity to convert their oil heater to a gas system.
Cast iron radiators were used in the past as an effective means of heating homes that had little insulation. Therefore, old cast iron radiators are considerably larger than the radiators that you see today. They take up a lot of space. Since then, houses have been weatherized. Consequently over-sized, cast iron radiators will essentially overheat a home. It is typical that a home with improperly sized cast iron radiators will feel extremely hot and then cold again. The Burns were also concerned about their old radiators leaking which can cause significant and costly damage to their home.

Feel More Comfortable In Monroe NY While Reducing Your Energy Expenses!

gas boiler installation in monroe
This is their old and outdated heating oil boiler

Problem: The Burns’ heating system needed to be replaced. It was outdated. The central heater’s performance was inefficient, unreliable and hard to keep the home consistently comfortable. Additionally, their cast iron radiators were old and rusting and needed to be removed prior to causing damage.

Solution: The Burns wanted to convert their home from using heating oil to natural gas. We removed their outdated Dunkirk water boiler and installed a Viessman Vitocrassal 300. It is a natural gas-fired, condensing boiler. This system is a floor standing boiler which uses a small amount of space compared to their old system.

Furthermore, the new heater requires no dedicated boiler pump which eliminates primary and secondary piping. It uses a high water volume which means that it reduces cycling time due to a more effective run time.

The Viessman is considered one of the most durable and reliable systems available on the market today. This system is extremely efficient and has an 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency).

gas powered boiler installationThe Burns can now enjoy their new system which is far more effective at keeping their home nice and warm during the cold winters that are experienced in Monroe, NY. Additionally, they will save on home heating costs because this new system is one of the most energy efficient systems available on the market.

Since their old system took up so much space, they are enjoying the additional space that have acquired by installing this new system. The install did not take long and the Burns are now more comfortable than before we arrived.

Additional Bonuses?

The Viessman Vitocrassal 300 is a reliable and dependable system which uses a minimal amount of space. The Burns now will be able to use this space in their basement to store objects or whatever they want to use it for.

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Increase Your Property Value With A Natural Gas Boiler Installation in Monroe, New York

Old systems devalue your home’s property value. Therefore, when you install a new system that is extremely energy efficient, you have added more value to your home. A boiler like this one is considered one of the best and it will significantly help add  more value to your home.

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