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Bulk Gasoline Delivery in NY, NJ, PA & CT

Your business relies on a dependable source of gasoline to keep it running. Whether you need unleaded gas or diesel fuel a service station or convenience store, SOS Fuels is the bulk gasoline supplier you can depend on. Our marketing expertise, guidance, and personalized “boutique” service set us apart from most fuel distributors out there. When you choose SOS Fuels for your bulk gasoline delivery needs, you will receive a quality product, as well as guidance and service to help run your business smoothly.

Our sales team gives you the individual attention and service you deserve by visiting you in person on a regular basis. We help build your business and increase sales through competitive pricing and promotions of all other profit centers. SOS Xtreme comfort is the dependable gasoline supplier you can trust.

If you currently have a station, or are interested in acquiring one, feel free to contact our office in Milford, PA at (570) 409-3528 and our Tuxedo Park, NY location at (845) 351-4700 with any inquiries.

Choose Between Branded or Un-Branded Gas and Diesel Products

At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we believe in giving our commercial gasoline buyers a choice. That’s why we’re proud to offer quality branded and unbranded gasoline delivery from Valero Energy, Citgo Petroleum, Gulf Oil, Sunoco and Sinclair, and Conoco.

Branded Vs. Un-Branded Gasoline

A key decision that a gasoline retailer must make is choosing between branded and unbranded fuel. At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we supply both, giving you the choice of what is best for your business.

Branded fuel comes from familiar, industry-leading brands like Valero Energy, Citgo Petroleum, Gulf Oil, Sunoco and Sinclair and Conoco. What sets branded gasoline apart is the addition of additives. These additives are certain chemicals and detergents that have been proven through extensive research and development to produce a gasoline that helps keep engines and emissions cleaner. The benefit of branded gasoline is better performance, as well as the benefit of brand recognition from consumers.

Unbranded fuel is “generic” fuel that is sold without a brand name attached to it. This gasoline still meets all federal and state regulations, which include a set amount of additives, and will not harm consumers’ cars. Unbranded gasoline is typically cheaper, because there are fewer research and development and marketing costs. One downside of unbranded gasoline is that during a gasoline shortage, branded fuel stations get first priority.

Need help deciding if branded or unbranded fuel is best for your business? Contact our wholesale gas delivery experts for help weighing your options!


Gas and Diesel Supplier for Over 80 Years

Since 1934, SOS Xtreme Comfort has been operating on the same basic principle: “Hard work, attention to detail, fair market price and the understanding that your name is more important than profit for a short-term gain.” Since then, we’ve grown to be one of the largest commercial gas delivery service companies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

No matter the scale of your gasoline needs, from a few hundred gallons to a few thousand, SOS Xtreme Comfort has the reliable supply and exceptional service to provide for your business. We know that no two businesses have the same commercial fuel needs, and our team of certified and licensed fuel experts will take the time to help you make an informed decision that’s right for your business.

Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort online to learn more about our bulk and commercial gasoline delivery services, or call our Tuxedo Park, NY team at (845)-351-8929 or our Milford, PA experts at (570)-409-3528!


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For emergency service or repair please call us at (845) 351-8929.

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