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Comfort Watch Wireless Tank Monitor by GREMLIN®

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Watch Wireless Tank Monitor by GREMLIN®

With our Comfort Watch wireless tank monitor technology, we’ll know precisely the amount of Heating Oil in your tank at all times, enabling us to deliver to you the amount of fuel you need, when you need it. No more concerns or uncertainty about your next delivery amount or date.

For Watch wireless tank monitor technology by GREMLIN®, contact SOS Xtreme Comfort online or you can call our Pennsylvania number at (570) 618-8055. You can also reach our Tuxedo Park, NY office at (845) 351-4700, or our Franklin, NJ office at (973) 827-8179.

With a Comfort Watch Wireless Tank Monitor by GREMLIN®,  you can:

  • Access your tank level from your smartphone 24/7
  • Get an alert when your tank level gets low
  • Easily contact us when you are ready to order or have a question

FREE for Automatic Delivery Customers.*

How Can You Get a Tank Monitor?

We can install a monitor on your tank during your next tune-up or repair call. However, if you’d like us to do this sooner, call us. It only takes a few minutes and utilizes a secure, encrypted connection. Please note that we can only install a monitor on above-ground tanks. Have peace of mind by seeing your fuel level directly from your phone. Get started today!

How it Works

The easy to install monitor attaches to your heating oil tank and measures your fuel level. It then sends the reading back to our office through Cellular connection. See more on YouTube.

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*SOS Comfort Watch monitor by Gremlin® is property of SOS Xtreme Comfort and is provided free of charge to most heating oil customers with automatic delivery. SOS Xtreme Comfort reserves the right to remove the SOS Comfort Watch monitor by Gremlin® at any time. Not available for underground tanks. If you move or fail to keep your account in good standing, SOS Xtreme Comfort reserves the right to remove the SOS Comfort Watch monitor by Gremlin®. If we are unable to retrieve the SOS Comfort Watch Monitor by Gremlin®, you will be assessed a charge of $49599. Will-call customers may purchase a Comfort Watch monitor for $39599 and $4295/year plus tax. Customers must purchase all heating oil from SOS Xtreme Comfort for app to remain active.

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