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BBQ Grills

Your Propane BBQ Grill Headquarters

Whether you are looking for a free-standing BBQ grill or have your heart set on a custom built-in grill, SOS XTREME Comfort® has what you need.

Below are just some of the barbecue grill brands and models that we sell:

Twin Eagles TEBQ42R-B Built-In Premium Gas Grill

Twin Eagles develops, from design prototyping to testing to final production, gas grills and outdoor kitchen accessories at their state-of-the-art company-owned facility in Cerritos, California.

Twin Eagles TEBQ42R-B Gas Grill

Each grill’s design is truly unique, with exclusive geometric shapes, contoured angles, seamless welds and high-polished accents. Every grill is an intriguing blend of modern design and classic elegance, making them a perfect match for both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 1060

Fire Magic has always been known for professional quality grilling, giving the chef unparalleled heat to sear the meat (sealing in the natural juices) and cooking control (you can sear a steak and bake a cake), but the Echelon’s design has stepped all of that up a notch – or two!

The Echelon is the winner of the prestigious Vesta award from Hearth & Home magazine (“The voice of the hearth, barbecue, and patio industries”) for the best new gas grill on the market.

Fire Magic Echelon Grill

BroilMaster® Super P Series Grill

Broilmaster Super P Series Grill

The “Super P” series is the top of the line, offering the most in grilling convenience and performance to please the most demanding outdoor chef. It was recently named the “Best All-Purpose Grill” by Money magazine.