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Ask the Expert

Q: I’m a new customer; why did you insist on inspecting my aboveground tank before you delivered oil?

A: We weren’t familiar with your tank, so we needed to make sure that it met all safety codes and did not run the risk of failure. We’ve found that even new tanks can have problems, mainly because they have not been installed properly. A few years ago, we declined to deliver to a new customer because our inspection revealed that the old tank in her basement was in poor condition. The homeowner did not agree with our assessment and chose to get oil from another dealer, who did not inspect the tank before delivering fuel.

Q: Were you right about the tank?

A: Yes. The tank eventually ruptured, spilling oil all over the basement, and the homeowner faced a costly yearlong cleanup process. After this was resolved and a new tank was installed, the homeowner did become our customer, because she appreciated our commitment to making safe deliveries.

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