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Do Some Dealers Have a Magic Formula?

Richard SpiegelDear Friends,

Everyone has seen those ads for heating fuel, offering super-low prices. Maybe you’ve been tempted to respond to one — but then you remember, “There has to be a catch.” And you’re right. These dealers haven’t discovered a magic formula; they just don’t offer all that we do.

For starters, they don’t offer credit: You have to stay home to wait for the driver and pay cash when they deliver fuel. They don’t offer payment plans or price protection, either. You can’t call them to fix your boiler if it breaks. And try getting one of their trucks to show up with an emergency fuel delivery when it’s 15 degrees on a Friday night.

As a family-owned and community-minded local business, SOS XTREME Comfort always puts our customers first. We make sure we have more than enough fuel to keep all our customers warm, and we put in as many hours as it takes — nights, weekends, holidays — to ensure that none of our customers are left in the cold.

There’s always someone from SOS to handle your call — day or night — and then respond accordingly. That’s our magic formula for taking care of customers — and it’s been working for 80 years.

Richard Spiegel

P.S. Congratulations to Suzanne Baumann, who won a dinner for two at Rhodes Tavern in Sloatsburg, New York, in our online contest.

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