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KIDS ASK the Best Questions Cont.

KIDS ASK the Best Questions

My bedroom gets too hot sometimes, but my playroom is never warm. Can you fix that too?

When you can’t get comfortable in all your favorite rooms, it usually has to do with how the warm or cool air is moving in the home. This is another opportunity to save money, because if the air is moving the way it should, you won’t be spending as much to feel comfortable.

What keeps the air from moving the right way?

The air moves through metal ducts inside your walls and ceilings. (No, not those kind of ducks!) If the ducts are blocked, the air can’t move. When we install new equipment, we make sure your ducts are working right for your home.

Sometimes there are other problems. Recently, we saw a house without enough vents (the things that let the air out). Some of the vents were in the wrong place too. We fixed that problem and added special controls in the ducts. This helped make all the rooms feel just right.

How will you fix my house?

We will examine all the ductwork and do many tests. Once we know exactly why your rooms don’t feel comfortable enough, we will make the right corrections so you can enjoy your bedroom and playroom even more!

Are we being green?

You certainly are! Many products are Energy Star rated, like the equipment we recommended for your home. A blue Energy Star label means a product will use less energy and cause less pollution.

In just one year, Energy Star products helped Americans avoid the same amount of pollution that comes from 23 million cars! And together, these people saved $12 billion on their energy bills in one year.

Sometimes, even one little thing you do can make a big difference. If every home in America replaced just one traditional lightbulb with a compact fluorescent lamp, we could save another $600 million—and create less pollution because we would use less electricity.

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