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Winter is Coming…Are You Ready?

“Be prepared” is a good motto when it comes to winter weather. Besides taking care of your heating equipment, there are other smart ways to keep your home comfortable and lower your energy costs. Talk with us about popular programs like payment plans, service plans and automatic delivery service.

On our end, we’re always prepared for the worst. For starters, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And we always have plenty of winter fuel in storage for you.

Our fuel-storage facilities can hold more than 180,000 gallons of oil and diesel fuel, bolstered by an additive injection system that ensures that all our products meet the highest standards for quality.

With such abundant storage, we can take advantage of bulk pricing as we prepare for winter demand. By purchasing our fuel in advance, we can pass on savings to our customers and help protect them from winter price spikes. Not all companies offer their customers this kind of security and savings!

So as the weather keeps getting cooler, remember that we are here for you, with the resources and experience to provide you with Xtreme Comfort—no matter what the season brings.

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