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Boiler Services in Unionville, New York

Homeowners in Unionville, NY, shouldn’t have to put up with weak and fussy heating systems that give out when we need them most. Boilers, on the other hand, create powerful and reliable home heating.

Whether you need boiler installation to upgrade from another heater or boiler repairs for your current system, your SOS Xtreme Comfort HVAC contractor can handle it quickly and correctly, with fantastic customer service. We’ve provided top-quality HVAC service in New York since 1934, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon!

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Boiler Installation & Replacement in Unionville, NY

Boilers have been around a long time, and despite recent developments in heating technology, most modern heaters can’t hold a candle to the strength and dependability of a boiler. However, you can’t stick any new boiler in any space and get the heating power you need — no matter how high-quality the equipment.

You must choose a boiler replacement to suit your particular living space, then have it precisely installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

SOS Xtreme Comfort can guide you to the right boiler replacement or upgrade, then deliver an expert boiler installation that will maximize your boiler’s potential to provide years of steadfast comfort.

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Boiler Repair & Maintenance in Unionville, NY

Although boilers don’t often fail, when boiler repair is needed, you want an HVAC contractor to quickly and accurately assess the malfunction, then correctly fix it the first time. SOS Xtreme Comfort can deliver this expert boiler repair with our extensive experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge HVAC equipment.

We’re here to help with emergency services when your boiler breaks down in the freezing heart of winter or with ingenious solutions to remedy strange noises or reduced heating capability.

We can also reduce your boiler’s need for repairs by providing annual boiler maintenance services to optimize your system and make sure it gives you years — even decades — of consistent comfort in your Unionville, NY, home.

SOS Xtreme Comfort boiler maintenance extends your boiler’s life span, improves fuel efficiency, supports warranty protection, and ensures little problems get fixed before they worsen and need expensive repairs.

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Boiler Services in Unionville, New York

The SOS Xtreme Comfort mission is to run our company smoothly and efficiently; continue growing through innovation and new services, products, markets, and acquisitions; wow our customers with our customer service; and become the household name for HVAC and heating fuels in the areas we serve.

We’ve met our goals and made loyal customers in New York State for over 80 years, and we pride ourselves on knowing you’ll find no one better to provide the HVAC solutions you need.

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