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Furnace Services in Spring Valley, New York

Spring Valley, NY, winters can be intense, and you don’t want a heating emergency during a winter storm. It’s important to have a heating company you can count on.

For over 80 years, our team has provided superior furnace services to homes and businesses throughout Southeast New York. Our highly trained team offers leading products to ensure your home stays comfortable.

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Furnace Maintenance & Repair in Spring Valley, NY

Your HVAC system is an expensive appliance. With regular maintenance, it will operate more efficiently and extend its life span. Scheduling regular maintenance lessens the risks of a furnace failure, increases furnace efficiency for winter, and can reduce energy bills.

Furnace maintenance can prevent problems from becoming repair emergencies. Signs you may need furnace repair include:

  • Frequent repairs
  • The furnace is older than 10 years
  • Unusual noises coming from the system
  • Odors when the system is running
  • Short-cycling
  • Some rooms are too cold or hot
  • Increased energy bills

SOS Extreme Comfort has experience maintaining and repairing every kind of furnace system in New York, including:

  • Dual fuel
  • Electric
  • Industrial
  • Natural gas
  • Oil
  • Propane

An unexpected furnace failure is stressful, and if you need a replacement, you may not be prepared for the expense. We offer flexible furnace financing options for Spring Valley.

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Furnace Replacement & Installation in Spring Valley, NY

Before choosing any HVAC system, it’s important to understand your home’s square footage and your lifestyle requirements. A system that’s too large for your home can lead to breakdowns and poor efficiency. A system that’s too small will leave you with an increased energy bill and cause the system to work harder than it should.

Our experts can ensure you have the right size and system to fit your needs and budget.

When choosing a replacement furnace, consider HVAC accessories to improve indoor air quality and smart, programmable thermostats to set your home’s temperature, minimize wasted heating, and increase comfort.

Call 845-351-4700 or contact us online to learn more about furnace replacement and installation in Spring Valley, NY.

SOS Xtreme Comfort Heating Solutions for Rockland County

If the test of time determines a company’s expertise and dependability, our company has the competitive edge. Since 1934 we’ve been the heating and cooling solutions provider for families and businesses in Southeast New York. We’ve served generations of Rockland County property owners like you.

Homeowners near Spring Valley, New York, can contact us online anytime.

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