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Emergency Gas Furnace, Heater and AC Repair Service in Haskell, NJ

SOS XTREME Comfort® provides the best heating and cooling repair services in Haskell. Our technicians are trained in the very latest technology and can work on all brands of oil, propane, electric and gas heating systems and central air conditioning systems.
We service, repair and install:

  • Oil Heat Systems
  • Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Heating Systems
  • Propane Heating Systems
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

At SOS XTREME Comfort®, we specialize in creating comfortable environments in homes and businesses. We have been helping customers in and around Haskell since 1934. Give us a call today to get your heating or cooling system serviced or installed.

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In addition to servicing Haskell we also service the following nearby towns:
Bloomingdale, Haskell, Hewitt, Oak Ridge, Pompton Lakes, Ringwood, Wanaque, West Milford
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Q: What does HVAC stand for?
A: HVAC denotes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Q: What kind of routine maintenance do I need to do on my heating and air conditioning system?
A: The most suitable tactic to keep your equipment running properly is by making sure that it has proper air circulation. When you have unclean air filters, blocked registers or air vents, or debris around your outside unit, then you are not properly maintaining your system. Make sure that, as a property owner, that you are very conscious of this and keep your system clean. Make sure to plan a tune-up in the preseason. One ought to be scheduled in the spring season for your AC and another ought to be planned in the fall for your heater.
Q: Why do I need to change my air filter?
A: Changing your air filter is among the vital aspects to an effective working HVAC system. It enables your system to have air flow. An additional convenience is that it also enhances indoor air quality by helping keep your home free from dust, allergens, and germs. The rate of changing your filter varies depending on the type of filter that you buy. Some require monthly replacement whereas, others may have to be changed more frequently. Also, the environment in which you live also makes a huge difference. An experienced Haskell HVAC company will be able to advise you on what sort of filter works best for your style of system.
Q: How does my HVAC system push air all around my home?
A: An HVAC system uses a fan to pull air in. The air that is pulled in is then pushed to your air handler. Once it has warmed or cooled the air, then it moves it back through your ducts and through your vents. Vents or registers are generally located on your walls, ceilings, or floor surfaces.
Q: I have invested in a brand-new furnace and air conditioning system. How long should I presume it to last?
A: This depends on a handful of contributing factors. When you get a brand-new furnace or air conditioner, they are manufactured to last roughly 15-20 years. It really should be noted that all units eventually become less energy efficient as they get older. For that reason, a 12 year old unit will not be as energy efficient as a brand-new one. You can really help your current unit last and function more efficiently by thoroughly maintaining it. Adequate installation also plays a role in the life span of an HVAC system. Make sure that it is installed correctly by choosing a reputable Haskell HVAC company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®.
Q: How can I make my unit work a bit more efficiently without having to substitute it?
A: The absolute best technique to help keep your system running efficiently is by merely taking care of it. You need to have your air conditioning unit serviced in the early spring right before you begin to use it constantly in the summer season. Additionally, you will need to have your heating system serviced in the fall before the cold winter months arrives. Research studies confirm that property owners who do not maintain their system two times a year, have less efficient systems by practically 5% -10%. Likewise, as a homeowner , you have to change your filters as often as needed. Make sure to use filters that have high efficiency ratings to keep your system clean. Your system requires to breathe so do not shut your register or air vents. Keep debris away from your outdoor unit. You need to allow for proper circulation.
Q: I should buy a new heating/cooling system. How do I choose the ideal one for me?
A: The number one feature that you should take into consideration is overall size. The unit needs to be the proper size for your house. Many house owners make the miscalculation of purchasing systems that are too large, thinking that the system will heat up or cool down their home more rapidly. Other property owners invest in units that are too little, assuming that their units will use a lot less energy and therefore, save money. This is a big no-no. Your unit will need to complement the size of your house so that it can properly heat or cool it. A Haskell, New Jersey HVAC expert, like SOS XTREME Comfort®, has the knowledge to match your unit. Also, be sure to go over operating expenses of your system with your contractor. You want a system that, essentially, pays you back. Make sure to invest in a system that, on a monthly basis, offsets the expense of the unit with the help of your energy bill.
Q: I just purchased a new heating and cooling unit. Should I have a programmable thermostat installed as well?
A: House owners who have installed programmable thermostats are glad that they did. The reason why is due to the fact that they are saving money. You can adjust this type of thermostat to raise or decrease the temperature in your house based on your agenda. This really works when you have a regular schedule. Beyond saving you money on your utility statements, a programmable thermostat can also provide additional comfort. It can heat up your home just before you get out of bed in the early morning!
Q: My furnace/air conditioner runs despite the fact that it is older. Why should I change it?
A: Your cooling and heating system might do the job but it undoubtedly won’t work as effectively when it is 12 years old. As they get older, they lose their efficiency and this is reflected on your utility bill monthly. When a unit loses its efficiency, it is a slow process so you may not see it right away. When you invest in an updated unit, you will get the gain from your investment rather rapidly. You can save as much as 50% on operating expenditures. One of the main reasons that property owners switch their systems with a new one is to reduce their home cooling and heating costs.
Q: The temperature inside of my home is fine but my unit’s fan seems to be working all of the time. What should I do?
A: Check your thermostat. Property owners mistakenly set it to the on position instead of the auto position. The on position causes your fan to blow all the time which uses more electricity.

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