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Emergency Gas Furnace, Heater and AC Repair Service in Lackawaxen, PA

SOS XTREME Comfort® provides the best heating and cooling repair services in Lackawaxen. Our technicians are trained in the very latest technology and can work on all brands of oil, propane, electric and gas heating systems and central air conditioning systems.
We service, repair and install:

  • Oil Heat Systems
  • Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Heating Systems
  • Propane Heating Systems
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

At SOS XTREME Comfort®, we specialize in creating comfortable environments in homes and businesses. We have been helping customers in and around Lackawaxen since 1934. Give us a call today to get your heating or cooling system serviced or installed.

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In addition to servicing Lackawaxen we also service the following nearby towns:
Dingmans Ferry, Greeley, Greentown, Hawley, Lackawaxen, Matamoras, Milford, Millrift, Paupack, Rowland, Shohola, Tafton
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Q: What does HVAC imply?
A: You may have heard this expression before. It is generally used in the field to refer to your heating and cooling system. It literally stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Q: What type of maintenance do I want to do on my cooling and heating unit?
A: The most effective approach to keep your equipment functioning properly is by ensuring that it has proper air circulation. When you have dirty air filters, blocked registers or air vents, or debris around your outside unit, then you are not adequately taking care of your system. Make sure that, as a property owner, that you are very aware of this and keep your system clean. Be sure to plan a tune-up in the preseason. One must be scheduled in the springtime for your AC system and one more should be scheduled in the fall for your heating system.
Q: How do I find out when my AC system, furnace, or HVAC system is still under warranty?
A: All these types of systems have a manufacturer’s label on it. Take a look at your unit and find the label. Normally, warranties last about 5 years. This can fluctuate from one manufacturer to another but this is generally standard. It also changes based on the service provider that installed it. A reliable Lackawaxen heating and cooling company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®, will be able to give you more info on your system and let you know if the warranty for your unit is still legitimate.
Q: What should I set my thermostat to: on or auto?
A: You should set your thermostat to the auto setting. This makes it possible for the fan to run only when it is required. Most people prefer this setting because it is the most energy efficient. The on setting can be used when you would like to have air constantly filtered through your home. The air is dispersed and it can give a more even temperature through your property. Although, it does take more power to do this. Modern furnaces have fan motors that have this feature.
Q: I have invested in a brand new furnace and air conditioner. For how long should I expect it to last?
A: When your system is properly cared for, you can expect your brand new furnace or AC to last for about 15-20 years. Please note that systems become less energy efficient as they age. This is among the key reasons that people decide on an upgrade. Also, systems do vary and as a result, their lifespans do too. The most important variables that set for how long a system will run is really adequate installation and maintenance. Obviously, a system that is not carefully installed or taken care of will not last as long as one that is. They also will not run as well. You can get adequate care for your HVAC system by reaching out to a Lackawaxen HVAC service company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®.
Q: I will need to invest in a new heating/cooling system. How do I pick the best one for me?
A: The principal feature that you must think about is size. The unit has to be the best size for your house. Many homeowners make the error of buying systems that are too large, thinking that the system will heat or cool down their home more rapidly. Other property owners get units that are too small, assuming that their units will use a lot less power and for that reason, save money. This is a big no-no. Your unit has to match the size of your home so that it can properly heat or cool it. A Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania HVAC contractor, like SOS XTREME Comfort®, has the proficiency to match your unit. Also, make sure to review operating charges of your system with your contractor. You want a system that, essentially, pays you back. Make sure to buy a system that, on a monthly basis, balances out the charges of the unit with the help of your energy bill.
Q: I just bought a new heating and air conditioning system. Should I have a programmable thermostat put in too?
A: A programmable thermostat can work wonders on your home heating and cooling expenses. Unless you have the memory of an elephant, it turns your thermostat up or down based on your set schedule. This means that you don’t have the task of leaving for the day and trying to remember to adjust the temperature. Let’s be honest. In the stress of life, many individuals are running out the door and just don’t have enough time to consider things like that. Your programmable thermostat remembers for you. This saves money on heating and cooling expenditures by changing the temperature level up or down when you are not home. You will not pay to heat or cool an empty house. It also keeps your home at a more comfortable temp since you can get out of bed to a warmer house in the winter and in the summer, you can get home from work to a pleasingly cooled home.
Q: My furnace/air conditioner does the job even if it is outdated. Why should I change it?
A: There are a few reasons to remove and replace your system. In your situation, when your system is over 12 years old, then it does not work as efficiently. This is simply because systems lose their efficiency as they grow older. This translates into higher electrical statements given that it has to work more to try to keep your home comfortable. A new unit can most certainly make a big difference on your electrical power charges and your home’s comfort levels. By keeping your old unit, you are paying more monthly than you need to be. You can save as much as 50% of your operating fees. This means that you will get your return on your investment quickly. You might not really want to buy a new unit but you will be glad that you did when you realize that it pays itself off quickly and after that, you will have the capacity to spend your money on other things outside of home heating and air conditioning costs.
Q: Can I shut doors and vents to areas that aren’t typically used?
A: No. You should not do this because a system is specifically designed to match the ductwork and the comfort necessities of your house. When you do close it off, you overwork your system’s blower motor, causing it to work harder. This makes it less energy efficient because it will cycle more frequently.

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