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Heating Oil, Propane Delivery & HVAC Service in Clifton, NJ

When seeking a certified and licensed HVAC company or fuel delivery service in Clifton you only need to know one name: SOS Xtreme Comfort. Our delivery teams and technicians have been proudly serving residential and commercial clients since 1934, and with our extensive experience and dedication to superior quality work and service we can guarantee an answer for all of your comfort needs.

Schedule an appointment online when you need fuel delivery “near me” or HVAC service in Clifton! Need to talk to a technician now? Call 973-827-8179!

Heating Oil Delivery in Clifton, New Jersey

Our comprehensive heating oil delivery services provide homeowners with a stable, surefire source of heating fuel to combat any New Jersey winter weather. We can deliver on a custom schedule according to your needs in addition to providing emergency fuel delivery, heating oil tank services, and a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions.

When you need heating oil in Clifton just give us a call at 973-827-8179, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our heating oil experts.

Propane Delivery in Clifton, NJ

SOS Xtreme Comfort provides propane to home and business owners. No matter the extent of your needs, from home or business heating to grilling, pool heating, fireplace supply, or propane for water heaters, SOS Xtreme Comfort can match and meet your supply needs. And with our complimentary remote Comfort Watch Monitoring System, you can take advantage of our “no run-out” guarantee, which means any time you need propane, our team will know immediately without you having to lift a finger.

We also feature “Xtreme Clean” propane as a result of our unique filtering process, providing you with a superior source of fuel that will help to keep your appliances clean and working at their best.

Schedule propane delivery service in Clifton, NJ today! Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort with any questions.

Complete HVAC Services in Clifton, NJ

Whether you need furnace services, a new air conditioner system for your commercial business in Clifton, or trained HVAC contractors who offer routine annual maintenance services, SOS Xtreme Comfort has you covered. Our technicians are certified, factory-trained, and highly experienced with all types and models of heating and cooling equipment.

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Passaic County. NJ Heating & Cooling System Installation

As heating and cooling systems begin to age, they will lose efficiency and efficacy in addition to needing more frequent (and often more costly) repairs. In these cases, an HVAC replacement and install is your ideal solution, and SOS Xtreme Comfort can match your needs to a T.

We feature a streamlined assessment process, taking into account your heating and cooling loads, your budget, and your preferences in order to offer the right system to match. Once the right system has been selected by our product experts, our installation team will optimize your new system for ideal performance and efficiency.

Reach out to SOS Xtreme Comfort online to get started, or feel free to call 973-827-8179 any time to find out more about our HVAC installation services or available HVAC products!

SOS Xtreme Comfort Offers Heating Oil, Propane & HVAC Services in Clifton, NJ

Our service team is dedicated to offering exemplary service and quality to all of our clients, no matter the size or scope of the project. Whether you need simple routine maintenance, a whole new commercial HVAC system in Clifton, or fuel delivery, we’re the name to call on for quality and honest care.

Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort for HVAC and fuel service in Clifton, New Jersey today!

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