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Emergency Gas Furnace, Heater and AC Repair Service in Town Of Washing, NJ

SOS XTREME Comfort® provides the best heating and cooling repair services in Town Of Washing. Our technicians are trained in the very latest technology and can work on all brands of oil, propane, electric and gas heating systems and central air conditioning systems.
We service, repair and install:

  • Oil Heat Systems
  • Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Heating Systems
  • Propane Heating Systems
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

At SOS XTREME Comfort®, we specialize in creating comfortable environments in homes and businesses. We have been helping customers in and around Town Of Washing since 1934. Give us a call today to get your heating or cooling system serviced or installed.

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In addition to servicing Town Of Washing we also service the following nearby towns:
Allendale, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, Emerson, Englewood, Englewood Cliffs, Franklin Lakes, Harrington, Haworth, Hillsdale, Mahwah, Montvale, New Milford, Northvale, Norwood, Oakland, Park Ridge, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Saddle River, Tenafly, Town Of Washing, Waldwick, Westwood, Woodcliff Lake
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Q: What does HVAC mean?
A: HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Q: What kind of care do I have to do on my heating and air conditioning unit?
A: The most effective means to always keep your device operating effectively is by making sure that it has proper air circulation. When you have filthy air filters, blocked registers or air vents, or debris around your exterior unit, then you are not correctly taking care of your system. Be sure that, as a homeowner , that you are very mindful of this and keep your system clean. Don’t forget to schedule a tune-up in the preseason. One must be scheduled in the spring season for your AC and one more must be planned in the fall for your heater.
Q: Why do I have to replace my air filter?
A: Changing your air filter is just one of the primary components to a properly working HVAC system. It makes it possible for your system to have air flow. An additional perk is that it also boosts indoor air quality by always keeping your home free from dust, allergens, and germs. The rate of changing your filter varies depending on the style of filter that you buy. Some require monthly replacement whereas, others may have to be replaced more often. Additionally, the environment in which you live also makes a difference . A knowledgeable Town Of Washing HVAC service company will be able to advise you on what kind of filter works best for your kind of system.
Q: How do I determine when my AC system, central heater, or HVAC system is still under warranty?
A: Your equipment should have a label on it. Locate the label and find the manufacture date. Generally, if it is less than 5 years old, then it is still under warranty. This tends to change by manufacturer and installation company. Your HVAC service company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®, should be able to tell you and confirm the status of your manufacturer’s warranty.
Q: I have heard of the risks of a carbon monoxide leak. Is this something I really should be worried about?
A: A carbon monoxide gas leak is truly unsafe. It can lead to dangerous implications. Since a leak is undetectable, it is best to get a CO alarm in your home. You should also administer proper upkeep on your system in order to avoid a carbon monoxide leak.
Q: What does IAQ imply?
A: IAQ is a term that homeowners should understand. It is a word that represents Indoor Air Quality. In the news and media, outdoor air pollution is a familiar theme. Having said that, indoor air pollution presents more of a problem to people than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is specified as the level of pollution that exists within a structure like your home. Direct exposure to these pollutants is more common than you might realize. Newly constructed homes are built so that there is not nearly enough airflow or exchange between outdoor and indoor air. This is terrific for energy efficiency but it does pose a challenge for air quality. A house owner can minimize this issue by having a system that is designed to improve air quality.
Q: What are the reasons for indoor air pollution?
A: As surprising as it may seem, many items contribute to indoor air pollution. Items such as carpeting, furniture, drapery, and even upholstery have compounds in them that are constantly emitting fumes or gases. The cleaning products that you use may contribute to indoor air pollution. Since newer homes are more energy efficient, this also means that they are not ventilated the way that older homes in the past do. They do not breathe. Therefore, the buildup of these gases and fumes cause indoor air pollution. Newer homes need a whole house ventilation system to combat the possibility of indoor air pollution so that homeowners can rest assured of their safety while enjoying their extremely energy-efficient home.
Q: What should I set my thermostat to: on or auto?
A: If you wish to make your house as energy efficient as possible, then don’t forget to set your thermostat to the ‘auto’ setting as an option. This setting makes the fan work only when it is needed. The ‘on’ setting makes your fan work continuously. While this is pleasant when you wish to have air constantly filtered through your home, it uses considerably more power. This, is turn, will increase your electric statements.
Q: I have invested in an updated furnace and air conditioning system. For how long should I presume it to last?
A: This depends on a few variables. When you purchase a new furnace or air conditioner, they are assembled to last about 15-20 years. It needs to be noted that heating and cooling systems end up being less energy efficient as they age. For that reason, a 12 year old system will not be as energy efficient as a brand new one. You can really help your current unit last and function more efficiently by properly taking care of it. Good installation also plays a role in the life expectancy of an HVAC system. Make sure that it is installed correctly by choosing a reputable Town Of Washing HVAC company, like SOS XTREME Comfort®.
Q: I need to get a new heating/cooling system. How do I find the correct one for me?
A: When it pertains to your HVAC unit, size does matter. Some homeowners think that if they get a large unit, then they will have more of a comfortable house or that it will do the job a lot more efficiently. Others think that if they buy a small unit, then they will be saving money on their electrical power statements. The reality is that you need an unit that matches the ducting system in your home. This is the only way that a unit will suitably cool down or heat your property. To find out what size you really need, you will need to talk to a Town Of Washing, New Jersey HVAC licensed contractor. They will have the ability to determine what size your system needs if you want to keep your home comfortable while using the very least quantity of electricity. They will also be capable to establish what the operating expense will be of a brand-new system. You really want to get a system that helps make your expenditure cost-effective. Many modern systems are so energy efficient that the reductions that you gain on your energy bill will at some point settle the cost of a new system.
Q: I know that I will need to have my furnace looked at in the fall and my air conditioning unit checked in the spring. Why can’t I have both tuned up at the same time?
A: The whole point of having your system checked is to make sure that it is working adequately. This implies it is capable of keeping your home comfortable while being energy efficient. By checking your system both in the autumn and in the spring, a Town Of Washing HVAC contractor will be able to analyze them right before they are going to be put to use the most. It will provide more of a precise reading of how your system is operating during that time of year.
Q: My furnace/air conditioner runs despite the fact that it is older. Why should I removed and replace it?
A: There are a couple of reasons to upgrade your system. In your circumstance, when your system is over 12 years old, then it does not run as efficiently. This is because systems lose their efficiency as they grow older. This equates into higher electricity bills simply because it has to work harder to keep your home comfortable. An updated unit can definitely make a difference on your power charges and your home’s comfort levels. By keeping your older unit, you are paying far more monthly than you ought to be. You can save as high as 50% of your operating fees. This means that you will get your return on your investment quickly. You might not prefer to buy a new unit but you will be glad that you did when you recognize that it pays itself off quickly and after that, you will have the capacity to invest your money on other things outside of home heating and cooling costs.

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