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Water Heater Services in Unionville, New York

You turn on a faucet, and like magic, you have hot water for washing clothes, dishes, and yourself! Most of us take our water heaters for granted until they stop working.

Water heating accounts for about 20% of our total monthly household expenses. Of all the home improvement projects that have a great return on investment, water heaters are near the top of the list. A new water heating system will increase your property value and save money.

Energy.gov says tankless (on-demand) water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy-efficient than storage tank water heaters. The monthly savings can offset the high price tag. As federal tax credits continue to be extended, be sure to ask your tax professional if a tankless water heater purchase qualifies.

Water heater units are expensive and necessary appliances, so taking care of them is just sensible. Water heater maintenance is a service that saves money.

To learn more about water heating services in the Tri-State area, call 973-827-8179 in New Jersey, 570-618-8055 in Pennsylvania, or 845-351-4700 in New York, or contact SOS Xtreme Comfort.

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Water Heater Repair, Replacement & Installation in Unionville, NY

The lowest-priced storage water heater may be the most expensive
to operate and maintain over its lifetime.

Water heaters have a life span of about 12 years. Even with annual service, if your water heater is 10+ years old, it’s time to plan for a water heater replacement.

If you need water heater repair, we’ll be honest about how much more life you may expect from your repaired water heater. But if you’ve had one or more water heater repairs, it may be time to invest in a new, energy-efficient water heating unit.

Signs you need water heater repair include:

  • Discolored, rusty water
  • Electric water heater keeps tripping circuit breaker
  • Leaks
  • Mineral buildup
  • No hot water or running out too soon
  • Noises
  • Puddles near water heater
  • Smelly tap water
  • Too many repairs
  • Visible leaks

Your SOS Xtreme Comfort water heater professionals will evaluate your family’s heated water requirements. To determine the gallon-size water heater you need, you can guesstimate:

  • 12 people: 2336 gallons
  • 24 people: 3646 gallons
  • 35 people: 4656 gallons
  • 5+ people: 56+ gallons

However, we also consider your home’s square footage, your lifestyle, and future use expectations.

Being without hot water is inconvenient and stressful. Our repair technicians will fix your hot water system if possible. But if you need a water heater replacement and/or installation in Orange County, we’ll work fast to get you back “in hot water.”

For timely water heater repair and replacement, call 973-827-8179 in New Jersey, 570-618-8055 in Pennsylvania, or 845-351-4700 in New  York, or contact SOS Xtreme Comfort.

Why Tri-State Homeowners Choose SOS Xtreme Comfort

Whole-house wellness begins with clean water and clean air

SOS Xtreme Comfort provides indoor air quality (IAQ), heating, and cooling services, including propane and heating oil delivery. And as much as we recommend maintenance for your home’s largest appliances (HVAC and water heater systems), we know there’s no one maintenance plan that works for everyone.

We’ll customize your services. We don’t want money to stop you from having hot water and clean air, so ask us about financing options. We also offer a water heater savings plan!

We’ve lived and worked here since 1934. Our company philosophy is:

  • Delivering customers superior work based on industry-based processes.
  • Never compromising quality but always seeking affordability for our customers.
  • Providing honest, trustworthy customer care.

Ask us about water heater repair, replacement, and installation in Unionville, NY. Even better, ask your neighbors!

If you have questions, call 973-827-8179 in New Jersey, 570-618-8055 in Pennsylvania, or 845-351-4700 in New  York, or contact SOS Xtreme Comfort.

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