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Emergency Gas Furnace, Heater and AC Repair Service in Wurtsboro, NY

SOS XTREME Comfort® provides the best heating and cooling repair services in Wurtsboro. Our technicians are trained in the very latest technology and can work on all brands of oil, propane, electric and gas heating systems and central air conditioning systems.
We service, repair and install:

  • Oil Heat Systems
  • Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Heating Systems
  • Propane Heating Systems
  • Electric Heat Pumps
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

At SOS XTREME Comfort®, we specialize in creating comfortable environments in homes and businesses. We have been helping customers in and around Wurtsboro since 1934. Give us a call today to get your heating or cooling system serviced or installed.

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In addition to servicing Wurtsboro we also service the following nearby towns:
Bloomingburg, Westbrookville, Wurtsboro
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Q: What does HVAC mean?
A: You may have heard this term before. It is typically used in the field to refer to your heating and cooling system. It literally stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Q: What type of preventative maintenance do I want to do on my heating and air conditioning unit?
A: As a homeowner , maintaining your system is definitely not brain surgery. There are a handful of things that you have to keep in mind. The main feature to bear in mind is proper airflow. This means that you must check your air filters frequently and change them out when they are dirty. It also suggests that you need to make sure that your air vents aren’t blocked out by items such as furniture. In fact, don’t even close up air vents to rooms that are less commonly used. You are making your system run harder than need be, using more energy to do so, and wasting money. Finally, don’t forget to plan an annual tune-up on your air conditioning system. This should be done in the spring season. Schedule an annual tune-up on your heating system in the fall.
Q: Why do I have to change my air filter?
A: Replacing your air filter is just one of the crucial aspects to a properly working HVAC system. It allows your system to have air flow. An added benefit is that it also improves indoor air quality by helping keep your home free from dirt, allergens, and germs. The regularity of changing your filter varies depending on the kind of filter that you get. Some require monthly replacement whereas, others may have to be replaced more frequently. Also, the climate in which you live also makes a difference . A skilled Wurtsboro HVAC company will be able to instruct you on what style of filter works best for your style of system.
Q: How do I know when to replace my air filter?
A: There is no precise answer to this question. This is simply because one house will definitely need a different amount of filter changes than another. A residence that has animals or is located in a dusty climate will need more filter changes. Regardless, it is suggested to inspect them once a month. Mark the calendar as a reminder. Life can get busy and just remembering something like taking a look at your HVAC filter can slip through the cracks. When you check it, thoroughly examine it. Be sure that it does not seem dirty. Never let more than 90 days between air filter changes. Furthermore, when it does seem dirty, be sure to swap it out even if you just replaced it a couple of weeks ago. The trick to an adequately working HVAC system is proper filtration.
Q: What does IAQ mean?
A: IAQ is a term that property owners should understand. It is a word that indicates Indoor Air Quality. In the news and media, outdoor air pollution is a common theme. Having said that, indoor air pollution poses more of a risk to house owners than outdoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution is identified as the level of pollution that exists within a structure which includes your home. Exposure to these pollutants is more prevalent than you might realize. Newly constructed houses are built so that there is an inadequate amount ventilation or exchange between outdoor and indoor air. This is fantastic for energy efficiency but it does pose a problem for air quality. A property owner can minimize this concern by having a system that is designed to make improvements to air quality.
Q: What are the reasons for indoor air pollution?
A: Indoor air pollution is a problem that should be dealt with by all house owners. This is especially the case for house owners who have a newly constructed home. These houses are built so tightly that they do not aerate as well as older homes do. A tightly built home allows for the best energy efficiency. Having said that, it implies that house owners ought to have a whole house ventilation system to prevent being exposed. Factors to indoor air pollution are:

  • Carpeting
  • House furniture
  • Drapes or window curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Chemical cleaning items

These items produce fumes and gases that build up. The build up of these gases and fumes is the top source of indoor air pollution.
Q: I have to invest in a new heating/cooling system. How do I buy the appropriate one for me?
A: First and foremost, you want to think of the size of the unit. Don’t be drawn to buy an over-sized unit, thinking that it will heat up or cool down your house a lot quicker than a smaller one. Some homeowners think that a small unit will reduce their home heating and cooling costs. A unit that is too small will not save money on your energy costs. Some individuals have the mistaken belief that size is a choice. As a matter of fact, it is not. The size of your machine needs to match the size of your ductwork. Otherwise, your home will not feel comfortable and your energy expenses will increase. A Wurtsboro, New York HVAC company will have the ability to help you determine what size your home needs for it to do its job successfully. A successfully sized unit will keep your home comfortable and in an energy efficient manner. Be sure to ask your HVAC professional about operating rates for the new system that you want. Be sure to choose one that pays itself off. New systems are so energy efficient that you will undoubtedly see a difference on your energy costs and that is how you get a gain from your investment decision.
Q: I just invested in a new heating and cooling system. Should I have a programmable thermostat installed as well?
A: A programmable thermostat can work wonders on your home heating and air conditioning costs. Unless you have the memory of an elephant, it turns your temperature up or down based on your set schedule. This indicates that you don’t have the duty of going out for the day and trying to remember to adjust the temperature. Let’s be honest. In the hustle and bustle of life, many individuals are running out the door and just don’t have the time to recall things like that. Your programmable thermostat remembers for you. This saves money on heating and cooling expenditures by turning the temperature up or down when you are away. You will not pay to heat or cool an empty house. It also keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature given that you can get out of bed to a warmer house in the winter and in the summer, you can return from work to a sufficiently cooled home.
Q: I recognize that I will need to have my furnace evaluated in the autumn and my air conditioning system examined in the early spring. Why can’t I have the two evaluated at the same time?
A: You use your HVAC system the most in the summer season and in the winter months. For that reason, you have to have your AC tuned up the springtime and your furnace inspected in the fall. A Wurtsboro HVAC company will get more of a precise analysis when each system will be put to use the most. This protects against expensive repair jobs and it confirms that your system is running at peak performance.
Q: Will a new Wurtsboro HVAC system reduce my utility bills?
A: A brand new Wurtsboro HVAC system will absolutely save you money. It will decrease your home cooling and heating charges. A system’s efficiency is established by its SEER rating. SEER is a term in the HVAC production that indicates Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. New models are required by regulation to have a minimum 13 SEER rating. With a SEER 13, operating expenses may be lowered by as much as 50%. This says that, yes, your brand-new system will absolutely reduce your electric bills.
Q: My furnace/air conditioner gets the job done even if it is older. Why should I removed and replace it?
A: Your heating and air conditioning system might do the job but it unquestionably won’t work as economically when it is 12 years old. As they get older, they lose their efficiency and this is reflected on your energy bill each month. When a unit reduces its efficiency, it is a gradual process so you may not observe it immediately. When you invest in a brand new unit, you will get the return from your investment quite rapidly. You can save as much as 50% on operating expenses. One of the main reasons that homeowners replace their systems with a new one is to minimize their home heating and air conditioning costs.
Q: The temperature inside of my home is fine but my unit’s fan seems to be working all of the time. What should I do?
A: More than likely, your thermostat is set to the ‘on’ setting. It is recommended to have it set to the ‘auto’ setting. This setting will save power. The other setting, or the ‘on’ setting, does create a nice uniform temperature in your house but it takes a great deal of energy to carry this out. It accomplishes this by making your fan blow constantly which equates into higher electricity expenses. The ‘auto’ position should be sufficient for you to keep your home comfortable.

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