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Boiler Repair in NY, NJ & PA

Boilers are known for being stout and reliable heating systems. However, no matter how efficient and effective a system may be, there will come a time when you’ll need a boiler repair. Is your boiler failing to keep up with your heating needs? Or, is the system encountering complications that rob you of your home heating? If either is true, it’s time to call on SOS Xtreme Comfort.

Our heating and boiler repair specialists have been proudly serving New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 1934. Our business has been built around providing our clients with services they can trust to get them through even the worst winter. Together with our certifications, equipment, and extensive training, we offer leading boiler repairs.

Reach out to us online now to learn more about our boiler repair services or call 570-618-8055 to reach our Milford, PA team, or 845-351-4700 for Tuxedo Park, NY!

Signs That You Need to Repair Your Boiler

Some issues are, of course, quite obvious. Even so, knowing and catching the more subtle signs can save you a lot of cost and stress. Keep vigil with your home heating and watch out for:

  • Unusual noises. While boilers aren’t the quietest systems out there, the noises they make are fairly simple and quiet overall. If you notice loud, persistent, or strange noises coming from yours, be sure to schedule a repair in order to avoid extensive component damage.
  • Weak or slow heating. Home and business owners choose boilers because they are without a doubt one of the most powerful options out there. If yours is taking hours to heat up correctly, or failing to get there at all, then something is seriously wrong.
  • Foul or strange smells. Gas and oil-fueled boilers run the usual risks for a leak. Luckily these are easy to note, as oil has a very pungent odor and gas contains mercaptan, an additive that smells heavily of sulfur.
  • Signs of a leak. Many leaks are very obvious, but also keep an eye out for signs of water damage including dark patches, mold growth, and weakness along the floors and walls to ensure you’re not missing a small leak.

Boiler Repair Services

When you need a boiler repair, you want experts with the skills and tools to get the job done. Not just that, but you want it to be done correctly and quickly. SOS Xtreme Comfort can provide all of these boiler services and more! Our boiler service experts are specially trained to work with all makes and models of boiler systems, giving us the breadth of knowledge and insight needed to assess your repair needs and provide a service that can once again make your home warm and comfortable.

Frustrated with your out-of-date boiler system and looking for an ideal replacement? Contact SOS Xtreme Comfort today to talk to our specialists about our gas and oil boiler services!

Boiler Repair in NY, NJ & PA

Our winter and fall seasons can get absolutely frigid. You need a heating system that can meet all of your needs, and a service team you can trust to ensure that system keeps working at its best. At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we take your needs seriously, offering only the best in prompt service and leading solutions.

Call our Milford, PA specialists at 570-618-8055, or catch the SOS team in Tuxedo Park, NY by dialing 845-351-4700. You can also schedule a boiler repair service online with just a single click! 

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