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AC Replacement & Installation in NY, NJ & PA

With the kind of summer weather we frequently experience, you cannot afford to place your comfort in the hands of an air conditioning system that’s simply too weak to cut it. Whether your current air conditioner just isn’t keeping up, or if your energy costs have become unreasonable and unmanageable, the answer lies in a new air conditioner installation or replacement service! At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we place your needs as a priority by offering peerless products, a system designed with your comfort in mind, and a service that guarantees ideal performance.
Our HVAC technicians and team members have been proudly serving New York, North Jersey, and Pennsylvania clients for decades. We never sacrifice quality or cut corners to get the job done. When it comes to satisfying the comfort needs of home and business owners no one comes close to the level of dependability and quality we can provide on your air conditioning installation or replacement service.
When you’re ready to upgrade or update your cooling system, contact SOS Xtreme Comfort. Need to speak with an expert directly? For NY call 845-351-4700, for NJ call 973-827-8179 and for PA call 570-618-8055.

Air Conditioner Installation Services

When it comes to a new cooling system for your home, the process has to be much more than just selecting any simple product and giving it a go—that is, if you want reliable results. A new AC needs to be sized and chosen according to your home and your specific cooling needs, and it needs to be installed with precise care by experts who understand the intricacies at hand. Our specialists have been handling installation services for years, meaning we’ve got the training and understanding needed to perform the project correctly.

AC Replacement in NY, NJ & PA

Understanding when a replacement becomes your most viable and cost-efficient solution can be tough if you have to make the call on your own. Happily enough, our experts are always on hand, and we’ll never leave you in the dark. By offering a cost versus benefit analysis, we can assist you in deciding whether it’s more reasonable to repair your existing system or if a replacement is going to save you more money and stress.

Keep Your New Equipment in Peak Condition with AC Maintenance

A newly installed cooling system is going to offer more efficiency and comfort than you’ve had recently by leagues. However, if you want to keep it that way, and keep the efficiency of your current system as well, then maintenance is an absolute necessity. Our specialists offer the full range of cleaning, component inspections and care, and calibration services needed to keep your new system running flawlessly for years to come.
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AC Installation & Replacement with SOS Xtreme Comfort

For over 80 years, our technicians and team members have been putting NY, NJ, and PA clients first. We don’t want to be your one-time service team. We want to be your every time service team, and to ensure you want exactly that we offer services and solutions that will absolutely always put your comfort first.
Reach SOS Xtreme Comfort online now, or call 845-351-4700 to catch us in Tuxedo Park, NY, call our Milford, PA team at 570-618-8055!

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