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Diesel Delivery

Your Wholesale Fuel Supplier for Premium Grade On-road and Off-road Diesel

SOS XTREME Comfort® delivers on-road and off-road premium XTREME Diesel fuel that increases power, reduces deposits and keeps injectors clean.

Every gallon of XTREME Diesel contains multifunctional additives such as detergent dispersants, lubricity enhancers, cold flow improvers and anti-icing ingredients to enhance your engine’s performance and reduce normal wear and tear.

Set up Automatic Delivery with “My Account” Purchase History

Not only will your XTREME Diesel shipments be automatically scheduled so you never run out of fuel – you can also easily access your account online to monitor delivery dates, amounts and payments. Delivery invoices will also include that day’s fuel prices for additional convenience.

Free Comfort Watch Monitoring System

SOS uses Comfort Watch, a wireless remote tank monitoring system that allows us to provide you with a “no-run-out guarantee.” This takes all the guesswork out of your having to know when to order more fuel. And it is invaluable to you should your usage patterns change due to seasonality or adding/removing vehicles to your fleet.

Automatic Day-Before Delivery Price Email

As a no-surprises, transparency service to our XTREME Diesel customers, SOS will automatically send email you the price of the fuel the night before the next day’s delivery. The actual fuel delivery ticket is also priced out, whereas most of our competitors might not send you a priced-out invoice until a week or more after your delivery. That is just one example of the SOS difference!

So fuel your fleet with premium SOS XTREME Diesel – and enjoy our many associated services that will help ensure that your fleet (and your business) keeps running smoothly for many years to come.

Service Request

For emergency service or repair please call us at (845) 351-8929.

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