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Air Conditioning Repair Service Video Interview

Posted On: August 17, 2015

This is a video interview with John Donovan and he discusses the importance of having your air conditioning serviced. Some of the questions that are addressed in this interview are:

  • What a homeowner should be looking for when hiring an air conditioning repair service company?
  • Why air conditioners should be serviced on a regular basis?
  • Service plans that SOS Xtreme Comfort offers?
  • SOS Xtreme Comfort’s service area?


Brett Lewis: Hello, I’m Brett Lewis from L4 Group. Today, we’re going to talk about air conditioning repairs. We’re going to talk with an expert in the field, John Donovan, who is the installation manager from SOS Xtreme Comfort.

For those of you that don’t know, SOS Xtreme Comfort is a heating and cooling company located in Tuxedo, New York. These guys have been around in business since 1934.

Good afternoon, John. How are you?

John Donovan: Good afternoon. How are you, Brett?

Brett Lewis: I’m doing well, thanks.

First off, currently, you’re the installation manager, but you’ve been with SOS for some time. Can you tell us what you’ve done in the past with them?

John Donovan: Sure, Brett. In 2003, I came onboard as an assistant service manager to then a service manager, Jeffrey Spiegel. And then shortly, a time after that, I became the full-time senior installation and service manager. And Jeff moved on up the line a little bit. I’ve been here probably about 13 or 14 years.

Brett Lewis: Awesome! You guys have been around the block a few times. I’m sure you can enlighten our viewers on all things related to air conditioning.

To start off, why don’t you give us a little bit of insight as to what a typical homeowner should be looking for when they are calling around and looking to hire a service company?

John Donovan: Great! Well, one of the things that I would expect every homeowner to do is remember, you’re inviting basically a stranger into your house. So, you want to make sure that that person coming to your house or anyone with that company that you’re asking to come over to perform a service is a trusted, insured, bonded, well-trained and background-checked.

Basically, you’re inviting them into your most precious possession, your home.

Then you also want to take into consideration other people’s opinions of them as well. You can go on the internet, you can to lobby reviews, and do a little background check on them as well. Better Business Bureau, accreditations, and all the different licenses and programs and stuff that they’re offered at will help with your decision.

Brett Lewis: That’s awesome. In this day and age, the internet just provides so much information. So that’s a great point, to be able to just log on , do a search, and see what other people are talking about.

There are so many review sites out there. And don’t forget, platforms like Facebook. That’s a great platform. Make sure that the company is online on Facebook and then see what their customers are saying about them. Great points.

John Donovan: Twitter is very powerful.

Brett Lewis: Yes, absolutely. So I was talking about servicing the equipment. Is it a good idea to have our air conditioners serviced on a routine basis? And if so, why?

John Donovan: Well, having spent so many years being in the service managing part of the company, I always said to myself, “You can always plan your service. You can’t plan your breakdown.”

So when things go right, it’s usually at the most inopportune time, Thanksgiving, July 4th when you have 20 people over your hours, or a wedding.

So by having it annually serviced and inspected and just maintained, you can catch small things in the bud, so they don’t turn out to be a big monster hiding behind a wall or down in the basement or in your attic.

A water leak can usually turn to mold or mildew. A duct leaking in the attic can start bringing in a lot of unnecessary outside air or unconditioned air. It brings in contaminants, pet dander, all that stuff.

So by having it checked annually, it puts everything at rest and make sure that your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Brett Lewis: That’s awesome. There’s nothing worse than working a full day in the middle of August, coming home and finding out your AC is out and it’s out because there’s something simple that could have been avoided.

John Donovan: Absolutely.

Brett Lewis: Yes, that’s awesome.

So what about service plans? What do you guys will offer and if you could just give us a little bit of background about some of them?

John Donovan: Like most companies, we have a litany of multiple types of service plans agreements that we offer to our customers, whether it would be a complete (in which we’ll cover parts and labor) or some just cover your annual cleaning.

And basically, the industry itself has been changing. Just like car insurance. People pay high premiums for car insurance and they don’t have an accident and then they’re like, “Boy, I spent all this money and never used it.”

Well, we’re listening to our customers and they’re coming back to us and saying that, “I’ve been paying this full coverage plan for years and barely just need a tune-up every year.”

Well, that’s true.

So we do have plans that do cover you nights and weekends and certainly will cover parts and labor on all different types of appliances, whether it would be a hot water heater, your furnace, your broiler, your air conditioning, even your generator, pool heaters as well.

So by listening to our customers, we’re now in the process of evolving and introducing to our customers an all access plan, which basically would give you your priority service, a discount on repairs that are needed and then also, one plan which would cover all of your appliances.

So we’re excited about this. We’re listening to our customers and we look forward to having a great success with it.

Brett Lewis: That’s fantastic! That sounds like you’re taking feedback from your customers, streamlined your current plans and really providing them what they want at some great value.

John Donovan: Yes, we’re excited about it.

Brett Lewis: Yes, that’s very cool. So let’s talk about your service area. You guys are located in Tuxedo. How big of an area do you cover?

John Donovan: Well, we cover quite a large area. We cover all of Rockland County, which we possess a heating and air conditioning license. We cover in the State of New Jersey. Basically, we’re licensed throughout the complete State of New Jersey for HVAC, which is heating, air conditioning, ventilation.

We also now have an electrical license in the County of Orange.

So where we work, we’re licensed. We abide by all different permitting and state laws. We cover all of Orange for heating and air conditioning. We cover parts of Ulster County, parts of Sullivan County, parts of Pike County, Pennsylvania.

So we’re really expanding our coverage and really getting our name out there.

Brett Lewis: Very cool! So you talk about heating and ventilation and air conditioning, you guys also do other things. Can you give us just a rundown on the services and the products you offer outside of heating and air conditioning repair?

John Donovan: Sure. One of our latest entries into the whole mix has been generator installation and generator service. We’re a Honeywell Generac dealer. We have [inaudible 00:07:20] and technicians on staff.

Brett Lewis: So basically, for people who aren’t familiar with that terminology, electric backup. So if the power goes out, a system would be able to keep the power on.

John Donovan: Yes, home standby generators.

Brett Lewis: Got it! Perfect.

John Donovan: And matched with that, with our propane division, we’re able to give consumers that don’t have accessibility to natural gas, the fuel that they need to have that standby generator.

That’s one of our other services that is growing rapidly, our propane delivery and service department. Our [inaudible 00:07:58] division, which provides on road and off road diesel to construction sites to different commercial properties. It’s all in effect, going on too.

We have a lot of entities and a lot of different departments that bring a lot of profits underneath one roof.

Brett Lewis: Very good. And also, I don’t know that you touched on it, but heating oil delivery is one of your cooler services.

John Donovan: That’s our standby, sure. We deliver oil to all of those areas mentioned.

Brett Lewis: Awesome! So if somebody wants to contact you, if they want to set up a service call for air conditioning or they’re interested in some of the other services that you provide, how can they go about doing that?

John Donovan: The easiest way is just to give our main office a call (and that’s 24 hours a day) at 845-351-4700 or you can go to our website at dev1.bluecoronaclients.com/sos-xtreme/. And the information page there, you’ll be able to contact us as well.

Brett Lewis: Awesome! And that’s dev1.bluecoronaclients.com/sos-xtreme/ without the E in extreme.
So all that contact info is in the description below this video including the phone number, the web address, your social media platforms, your physical address, all of that. So if you didn’t catch that info, just click on the description below the video and it’s all there.

So John, I would say, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk about air conditioning services. I’m sure that we will be talking again soon.

John Donovan: Thank you, Brett.

Brett Lewis: Take care.

John Donovan: Bye.

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