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Budget Plan

Keep Your Propane Bills Under Control with the Smart Money Budget Plan

Our customers really appreciate our SOS XTREME Comfort® Smart Money Budget Plan because it lets them take charge of their fuel budgets. You have the opportunity to spread your heating payments equally over 12 months, instead of paying the lion’s share during the winter months when you use the most fuel. Best of all you have the freedom to enroll at any time throughout the year.

Budget payments are calculated based upon estimated usage for the next heating season, divided by 12 months. Payment requirements are evaluated monthly and will also be adjusted if necessary. At the end of your plan enrollment period, you get a rebate on any credit balance when your account is in good standing.

Automatic payments are available to SOS Smart Money Budget Plan customers, too, which means you can have your payments deducted electronically from your checking account or from your credit card. You won’t have to worry about paying late.

Monthly bills fluctuate with the season. Budget Plan payments stay the same, month after month.

SOS Smart Money Budget Plan payments stay the same month after month.

Without the plan, your payments can bunch up when it’s least convenient,
such as holiday time.

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