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Do You Know the Proper Way To Store Propane?

For Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort, Correct Storage Is Key It’s common for people to store propane without considering safety, efficiency, or wear and tear on their tank — but with a little thought and effort, you can make major improvements to the storage conditions of your propane. When propane is stored improperly, it won’t last […]

Heating Oil: The Affordable Alternative

Oil heating offers significant advantages in comfort, reliability, and safety compared to other options like natural gas and propane systems. Today, with carbon taxes being considered or already enforced on heating resources, it’s also an affordable alternative. How Carbon Taxes Are Expected To Affect Heating Costs Carbon emissions taxes have received widespread criticism from those […]

The Environmental Benefits of Propane

When they hear “propane,” most people immediately think of fueling their backyard barbecues. But did you know propane is also a versatile, low-carbon alternative fuel that’s good for the environment? It’s an excellent way to power: Home appliances Vehicle fleets Agriculture Shipping Industrial work Landscape management And more Renewable Propane: Leading the World Toward a […]

Tips on What to Do if You Smell a Gas Leak

Propane provides a safe, non-toxic source of energy. Nonetheless, it is crucial to quickly take action if you smell a gas leak in or near your home. Many people liken the odor of propane gas to “rotten eggs.” This scent comes from a substance all suppliers add to propane so that customers can detect leaks more easily. Some major leaks are accompanied by hissing sounds, but this does not always occur. If you suspect leakage, try to identify its source.

What Causes Carbon Monoxide Leaks?

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a frightening risk to anyone who uses an appliance that causes or uses combustion as part of its operation. Unlike many risks, which are less frightening when you understand them, CO poisoning is still pretty scary when you know more about it! Heavy exposure to carbon monoxide will disorient you, […]

Propane Heat vs. Electric Heat

For homeowners who are interested in energy efficiency and saving money, choosing to use propane or electric heat is an important decision. Judging what heating equipment is best for your home depends on factors like efficiency and environmental friendliness, but it is also affected by availability, installation costs, and your particular lifestyle. To learn more about […]

Is a Price Protection Cap Plan Worth It For Heating?

As the weather gets colder, demand for heating fuel goes up and the price per gallon increases. But by signing up for a Price Cap Protection plan, you can lock in a lower rate now and protect yourself from any oil price spikes in the future. We have found that our Price Cap Protection plan […]

Check Your Air Filter MERV Rating

Air filters may seem like a trivial part of your HVAC system, but they can make a big difference. If you care about indoor air quality and efficient equipment performance, it pays to learn about MERV ratings. Find out more about minimum efficiency reporting values (MERVs) and why they matter. Then, contact SOS Xtreme Comfort […]

All You Need to Know About Comfort Watch by Gremlin

Ensuring your systems are equipped with the proper level of propane or heating oil can be challenging. Without a way to monitor your current supply levels, you can increase your risk of running out of fuel well before your next delivery date. But what if there were a way that you could remotely monitor your […]

Safely Delivering Oil or Propane to Your Home During Inclement Weather Conditions

At SOS Xtreme Comfort our primary concern is your comfort and safety, and under no circumstances do we ever want to endanger you, our team, or damage your property. On occasion, our drivers will decide to not deliver because of inclement weather, snow or ice. Our automatic delivery system provides a safety buffer of many […]

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