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3 Benefits of an Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor spaces by entertaining or creating a warm, inviting retreat. One of the best ways to enjoy your yard is in front of an outdoor propane fireplace. Not only do these fireplaces provide warmth and comfort, but they also create a unique ambiance, making your outdoor space an […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Oil Tank During Summer

Summer’s often scorching heat can play havoc with a home’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. But did you know it can also harm your oil tank? While year-round oil tank preventative maintenance ensures equipment longevity, safeguards against potential environmental hazards, and helps avoid costly repairs, summer’s high temperatures and humidity make taking care of your […]

What To Do if Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air

Air conditioners are supposed to cool your home evenly and quickly. When your system only blows warm air or doesn’t seem to run at all, there’s a serious problem that needs to be fixed. A lot of issues could plague an air conditioner. Even small, easy-to-fix problems can lead to warm air blowing throughout your […]

How To Prepare Your Cooling System for Summer

As the seasons change and the weather warms in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, it’s important for homeowners to prepare their air conditioning systems to ensure they’re capable of keeping up with the increased demand. While routine maintenance is essential, there are plenty of DIY maintenance tasks that families should perform as well to […]

Is Propane Good for the Environment?

As the world continues to shift toward environmental sustainability, many people wonder how their energy choices impact the planet. Propane is one energy source that often sparks debate. Is it a friend or a foe of the environment? Find the answer here. What Is Propane? Also known as liquefied petroleum gas, propane is a versatile, […]

3 Factors That Determine the Cost of Heating Oil

As winter hits, heating oil can be make-or-break for homeowners and businesses alike in keeping your property warm and comfortable in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania regions. However, the price of heating oil often fluctuates for different reasons, and if you’re looking to control your budget for the winter, you’ll want to keep […]

Furnace Replacement: How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

There are certain words that many homeowners dread, including “furnace replacement.” If you’ve heard this phrase before, and you haven’t had time to put together a proper snowy day savings plan, it can cause undue anxiety. Before you panic, let’s dive into the factors that go into furnace replacement and then get into the cost. […]

When Should You Order More Home Heating Oil or Fuel?

If your home’s heating system relies on heating oil, you know how important it is to keep your fuel tank full. Ordering heating oil or scheduling a home delivery, however, can be overwhelming, especially when faced with unpredictable winter weather. Below is our guide to ordering heating oil and keeping your home’s heating system running […]

Can Diesel Fuel Be Used for Home Heating?

When the winter drags on considerably longer than you expected (like this year!), sometimes your heating oil supply might start to wear thin. Maybe you’ll call your trusted oil company for an emergency or supplementary heating oil delivery. Or, maybe you’ll reach for the diesel fuel available at your local gas provider. Is this a […]

Everything You Need To Know About Propane Leak Detectors

Propane is heavier gas than natural gas. It is used for outdoor cooking on gas grills, for heating and cooling in RVs and motor homes, and in some cases, can be used for cooking and heating in some homes. While some people may not be able to stay warm or cook without it, some precautions are necessary when using propane. Click through to read more on this topic.

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