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Propane Storage Tanks

Propane Storage Tank Removal & Replacement in NY, NJ, & PA

If you have an underground or above ground propane storage tank in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, or North Jersey that needs to be removed or replaced, just call your local propane company, SOS Xtreme Comfort!

We can handle all aspects of the job—from propane tank removal to determining the best storage tank for your needs, to the installation of your new propane tank.

Our technicians are professionally trained in OSHA regulations and have had additional training that meets and exceeds the state requirements in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We will answer all your questions and ensure that all local, county, state and federal requirements are handled correctly, making the process easy for you!

Need to relocate, remove, or replace your propane storage tank? Call our New York location at 845-351-4700. Pennsylvania Residents call 570-618-8055. In New Jersey 973-827-8179.

Residential & Commercial Propane Storage Tanks

SOS Xtreme Comfort offers a variety of residential and commercial propane storage tank sizes and can help you determine the best size tank for your home or business’s needs.

Our locally owned propane company can provide proper propane storage tank installation, repair, and removal of both above ground and underground propane storage tanks in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, and North Jersey.

Residential above-ground propane tanks, residential underground propane tanks, and bulk/commercial propane tanks in the following sizes:

  • 60 gallon
  • 100 gallon
  • 120 gallon
  • 250 gallon
  • 325 gallon
  • 500 gallon
  • 1,000 gallon
  • 100 lbs
  • 420 lbs

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Propane Storage Tank Replacement & Installation in NY, NJ & PA

Do you need us to replace your home’s propane and install a new propane tank in your home in northeastern Pennsylvania, southern New York, or North Jersey? Our certified, experienced propane company can install a new propane tank and, if necessary, can also install new gas lines between the propane tank and your appliances. In many cases, this service can be completed at no additional cost.

We install propane tanks of all sizes and also use remote tank gauge monitoring to ensure you always have a sufficient supply. We do not charge extra for this monitoring because we don’t believe in hidden costs or unfair pricing and strive to be as honest and transparent with our customers as possible.

Please contact us today to request a free propane storage tank cost estimate or to schedule service today!

SOS Xtreme Comfort—Your Propane Storage Experts

At SOS Xtreme Comfort, our goal is to always do right by our customers. From the very first time you call to after the completion of your service, our home comfort experts will ensure that you are completely satisfied. Our expert technicians will answer any questions you have about your propane storage.

Since 1934, SOS Xtreme Comfort has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of residential propane, heating oil, and HVAC contractors in Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan counties in New York; Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex counties in New Jersey; and Pike County in Pennsylvania!

Learn more about our heating oil and propane services! Contact us today to learn how SOS Xtreme Comfort can help with your propane storage needs.

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