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Propane Delivery & Tank Installation in NY, NJ & PA

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Propane Delivery

Propane is a very popular fuel so you need a reliable source for yours. Look to SOS Xtreme Comfort for reliable, dedicated propane delivery services in the Tri-State area.

There are several benefits to working with our team for propane delivery services. Just a few perks include:

  • Propane level monitoring: We’ll install monitors in your propane tank to keep tabs on how much fuel you have left and we’ll contact you to schedule a refill.
  • Worry-free delivery: Our team delivers fuel on time every time, with a record of 99.9% success.
  • A no-run-out guarantee: The team at SOS Xtreme Comfort promises that you will not run out of fuel on our watch.

Our team will make sure you receive the fuel you need when you need it. Call 570-618-8055 today to request propane delivery to your home or business.


Propane Tank Installation Services

Your propane tank may not be up to today’s standards, and a replacement may be in order. Look to SOS Xtreme Comfort for assistance.

We can swap out your old propane tank with a new, efficient model that won’t leak and will deliver propane where you need it fast. We can look over your current system and do what it takes to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fuel.

Schedule a propane tank installation in the Tri-State area today by calling 570-618-8055.

Our Propane Budget Plan

No one should ever go without the fuel they need due to cost. At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we’ve created a budget plan that allows customers to make payments throughout the year instead of all at once. These payments are designed to be the same each month and can be automatically deducted from a bank account.

Make sure you have the propane you need all year long without breaking the bank. Call 570-618-8055 today to schedule propane delivery services.

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Why Choose Us For Your Propane Delivery?

At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we can provide recommendations that are customized to your unique propane needs. As a professional propane delivery company serving southern New York, northern New Jersey, and northeastern Pennsylvania, SOS Xtreme Comfort can provide reliable services, quality products, and trustworthy solutions.

We believe in fair pricing, honest work, and respectful customer service — and that’s what we aim to deliver to every customer throughout Warwick, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe, and surrounding towns in Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Pike counties.

Need propane delivery? Call (272) 268-7675 for our Pennsylvania office, (845) 936-0901 for our Tuxedo Park, NY, office, or (862) 832-4787 for our Franklin, NJ, office.

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Propane FAQs

What is propane?
Propane is a common heating fuel used by many property owners throughout the world. Propane burns efficiently and provides ample heat.
Is propane safe?
Propane is safe for use as a heating fuel and more. When a propane system is installed by professionals, property owners can rest easy knowing they are safe from deadly fumes.
Is propane harmful to the environment?
Propane burns efficiently and does not pollute at the rate of other heating fuels. It is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels.
Can natural gas appliances use propane?
With the right conversion, natural gas appliances can be revamped to use propane as a source of fuel. Our team can perform a conversion easily.
Does propane release carbon monoxide?
When operating properly and installed by professionals, propane-powered appliances and systems will let off virtually no carbon monoxide. It’s still a good idea to always have a functional carbon monoxide detector for each floor of your home.
Does propane have an odor?
Propane does not give off a smell, but a sulfur-like liquid is added so property owners can detect a leak. If you smell a sulfur scent near your propane-powered appliances, be sure to call us for repairs or maintenance.


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