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Automatic Delivery

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery — a FREE Service from SOS XTREME Comfort

When you’re an SOS XTREME Comfort® automatic delivery customer, we manage every heating oil delivery so you don’t have to. We will keep track of your fuel use so we know when you need a delivery. If you are new to us, we can either use old statements from your previous heating oil supplier, or estimate your likely use based on our customers in your neighborhood. Instead of having to call us every time you need more heating oil, you don’t have to do a thing. We will simply come to your home and fill your tank automatically!

So if a big snow storm with blizzard conditions is on the way – or if we’re gripped by a prolonged cold spell – your family’s home will have enough heating oil to ride out the freezing conditions in perfect indoor warmth. During the cold months, we may plan extra deliveries on our own, to ensure that you have plenty of fuel in plenty of time. At other times, when temperatures are more moderate and you use less fuel, our time between deliveries may be longer.

Save Money with Our FREE Fuel Additive!

Our XTREME heating oil contains a proprietary, multifunctional fuel additive that helps solve problems and save you money. It keeps fuel nozzles clean, prevents sludge, burns cleaner, removes water and puts a stop to gelled fuel lines. The result: Your heating system operates at peak efficiency while maximizing energy output. Best of all, we offer this exceptional fuel to all our customers at no additional charge!

Consider All the Benefits of Setting up an Automatic Delivery Account:

Setting up an automatic delivery account with us brings you more benefits than worry-free fuel consumption alone. It also lets you:

All this from the comfort of your home by computer, 24/7!

Here Are Some Common Questions We Get About Automatic Delivery:

Q: Won’t I burn through more heating oil if I have automatic delivery?

A: No. While this is a common misconception about automatic delivery, you really won’t use more oil. After all, we can replace only what you’ve already used. If you haven’t used it, we can’t replace it!

Q: Do you make your home heating oil delivery appointments on days when prices are highest?

A: Absolutely not! First of all, if we were in business to take advantage of our customers, we would have been out of business years ago! Also, daily changes in wholesale prices would make that chaotic and impractical for us, with all the rescheduling and juggling of delivery routes that would require. Finally, any supplier who played that game would constantly risk their customers running out of fuel – and that is what we are trying to prevent!

Q: How does SOS know when I need another heating oil delivery?

A: We use a computerized tracking system that knows your fuel-use history and calculates day-to-day temperatures in what is called “degree days.” Based on this information, the system alerts us when your tank is approximately one-quarter full, and that is when we schedule your delivery.

Q: Why can’t I just watch my tank myself?

A: You can, but there are at least three reasons why you will probably prefer automatic delivery for such an important home comfort task:

  1. If your tank gauge is faulty, you could get a false reading. (A new gauge costs about $50, and should be replaced if it can no longer provide an accurate reading.)
  2. If you have an older underground tank, you’ll have to keep “sticking” the tank (inserting a long stick into it) to get a reading. Not fun during a February blizzard!
  3. A sudden cold snap will cause you to use more fuel than you’ll realize. Before you know it, you could have an empty tank and a very, very cold home.

Contact us today and let us be your heating oil supplier. SOS XTREME Comfort®, serving Warwick, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe, New City and surrounding towns in Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties in NY; Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in NJ; and Pike County, PA.

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