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Ductless HVAC Services in NY, NJ & PA

Ductless heating and cooling systems have become a popular and effective way of keeping comfortable in our homes. Featuring efficiency perks, the ability to “zone” your heating and cooling, and a quiet system operation, they’re an ideal option for fighting off even the worst of weather conditions. However, ductless HVAC systems need to be installed and maintained with precision and care. Looking for ductless HVAC services? SOS Xtreme Comfort offers a complete list of ductless system services and support!

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Ductless HVAC Repair Services

The weather in our area can be completely unforgiving, so you never want to spend any amount of time without proper HVAC function. Our service experts put your comfort first by offering priority repair services. By using top-class diagnostic tools, as well as our specialized ductless HVAC training and knowledge, we can offer a swift service that gets your home back to comfortable in no time.

Call on our ductless HVAC repair team when:

  • Your ductless system is making strange sounds
  • The heating or cooling in your home is uneven or insufficient
  • Air flow from your wall or ceiling-mounted units is weak
  • An indoor unit is leaking or frozen
  • Your energy costs are spiking up

Ductless Split System Installation & Replacement

Ductless mini-split systems can offer homeowners a ton of great benefits. But if you expect to actually enjoy them, you need a service team that is specifically trained and knowledgeable in the installation process for these units. Ductless technology is still on the newer side when it comes to home heating and cooling, but at SOS Xtreme Comfort, we place a huge importance on keeping up to date with all of the latest technologies, techniques, and tools.

When you call on our service team, we can assess your home comfort needs and provide the ideal unit for your home. After that, we’ll install the new unit in a way that will maximize your new unit’s efficiency and performance, ensuring you’re covered for comfort all year long.

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The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

These systems offer some unique advantages that can really make the investment worthwhile, including:

  • Superior efficiency. Together with their ability to zone comfort and mitigate the problems of air leaks commonly caused by ducts, these systems can help keep your utility costs much more reasonable.
  • Zoning capabilities. Want your bedroom to be cooler but the living room to be warmer? Zoning allows you to do this! When a ductless system is installed it will use a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units throughout the home, each of which can be controlled separately if desired.
  • Year-round comfort. With a ductless HVAC unit, you get prime heating and cooling both in one neat little package. No more keeping up with a furnace or boiler and central cooling.
  • Reduced maintenance. Not needing ducts means no need for duct cleaning, duct sealing, or duct replacement, saving you tons of money and stress over time.

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Since 1934, our service specialists have been proudly serving home and business owners throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. When you want to work with a service team that never settles for second best, you call on SOS Xtreme Comfort.

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