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Price Protection

Choosing a Heating Oil Price Plan That Works Best For You.

Fuel prices aren’t static, they change all the time. We found that the people who benefited most this winter were the ones not only with automatically delivery, but those who chose Price Cap Protection as well.

When cold weather hits and demand for oil goes up, so do prices, but by choosing Price Cap Protection now, you’ll have no worries come winter. Plus, unlike a fixed price, if the cost of oil goes down, you’ll be paying that same low price as everyone else.

Your Options

Best Option – Price Cap Protection

screenshot of how much you can save in heating oilSOS Xtreme price protection

SOS sets a price per gallon of Heating Oil that will not be exceeded, hence the “cap price”. Then we work with you to help you choose the number of gallons you want to protect. If our market price goes lower than the cap, you receive the lower price. If prices increase, you will never pay more than the cap price. It’s a Win-Win!

Think of Our Price Cap Protection as a type of “price insurance” that helps avoid the shock of unexpected heating bills.

Price Cap customers may choose the Budget Plan payment option or elect PrePay and also benefit from our required & convenient automatic delivery.

Download our SOS Price Cap Protection Guide

SOS Xtreme price cap protectionOTHER OPTIONS
Fixed Price/PrePay
SOS sets a fixed price per gallon and you choose the number of gallons you want to cover. Your price will remain the same until all your covered gallons have been delivered. Fixed price protection is only sold as PrePay.

Market Price
If you don’t want to choose price cap protection or a fixed price, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll pay our competitive daily market price for your fuel. We will make deliveries on your automatic schedule depending on your past usage.


Sos Xtreme's heating benefits

Contact us today to enroll in our price protection program and discover how stress-free your home heating oil bills can be. SOS XTREME Comfort®,serving Warwick, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe, New City and surrounding towns in Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties in NY; Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in NJ; and Pike County, PA.

*Savings based off Dec. 1, 2017 – Feb. 28, 2018 records. Individual savings may differ year to year.

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