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Price Protection

Manage Annual Fuel Pricing with SOS XTREME Comfort Smart Money Price Protection

You choose the price you pay for your fuel!

Fuel prices aren’t static. They change all the time. And when you sign up for price protection, you want all the information you need to make intelligent decisions.

Here’s how the new SOS Smart Money Price Protection Plan works: After creating a password and logging in to our dedicated system, you can view daily fuel pricing. Want to wait for prices to fall? Want to lock in your price now? The choice is yours! You create a price protection program that fits your needs. You call the shots!

Rather than receiving a letter or brochure in the mail detailing last week’s – or even last month’s – prices, you have the benefit of a dynamic, interactive Web page offering you the power to choose exactly when to lock in. No deadlines … no need to wonder about “today’s pricing.”

With the new SOS Smart Money Price Protection Plan you get more peace of mind than ever before!

Price Protection Options

With our new SOS Smart Money Price Protection Plan, you can choose a protection method that’s right for you:

Cap Price

SOS sets a cap price per gallon and you choose the number of gallons you want to cover. If the market price goes lower than the cap, you receive the lower price. If prices increase, you will never pay more than the cap price. Cap Price customers may choose the Budget Plan payment option or elect PrePay.

How Price Protection Cap Works SOS Xtreme Comfort
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Fixed Price/PrePay

SOS sets a fixed price per gallon and you choose the number of gallons you want to cover. Your price will remain the same until all your covered gallons have been delivered. Fixed price protection is only sold as PrePay.

Market Price

Your price changes with the market, which means it may be higher than the prices paid by customers on the Cap Price or Fixed Price plans. Market price customers can choose Budget Plan billing or, with approved credit, 30-day terms.

Market Price is Always an Option!

With the SOS Smart Money Market Price you purchase your fuel at market rates. There are no applicable fees; if prices are lower when you purchase your oil, you will receive the lower price. You are therefore not locked into a specific price. If prices are higher when you purchase your oil, you will receive the higher price; you are not protected from a price increase.

Plus, all SOS Smart Money Price Protection Plan customers don’t have to worry about running out of fuel — because they can enjoy the benefits of automatic delivery! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Contact us today to enroll in our price protection program and discover how stress-free your home heating oil bills can be. SOS XTREME Comfort®,serving Warwick, Middletown, Goshen, Monroe, New City and surrounding towns in Rockland, Orange and Ulster counties in NY; Bergen, Passaic and Sussex counties in NJ; and Pike County, PA.

Price Protection

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