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Gas & Propane Service Plans

Download Our Gas & Propane Service Plan for complete terms and conditions.

  • Savings Plan

    We offer these great benefits to customers enrolled in our Gas and Propane Savings Plan:

    • annual tune-up
    • 15% off repairs
    • 50% off diagnostic fee
    • priority service

    Additional Coverage

    Call for pricing on coverage for:

    • additional heating unit
    • air conditioning system or heat pump
    • sidewall power venter cleaning
    • water heater*

    *Includes coverage for burner parts and controls (tank, chamber, and anode rods not covered by plan,) and annual tune-up. Available for oil, natural gas, propane, or electric water heaters.

  • XTREME Savings Plan

    For customers who are enrolled in our automatic propane delivery service, we offer no-cost repairs, plus the following benefits:

    • annual tune-up
    • no charge for parts or labor**
    • priority service for no-heat emergencies
    • no diagnostic fee
    • no after-hours charge for no-heat emergencies***

    **SOS XTREME Comfort® will repair or replace, during the life of this agreement, at no extra charge, all parts listed above that may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear. A 20% discount applies for parts not listed.

    ***Hot water emergencies up until 8pm.