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Generators in NY, NJ & PA

Prepare for the Storm With Help From SOS Xtreme Comfort

Sometimes it can be easy to forget, but something as simple as a little storm or a minor grid failure can rob your entire home of electrical power. Outages bring your daily routine to a swift and decisive halt and lead to frustration, appliance failure, food spoilage, and more. But you can be prepared to deal with outages, and the professionals at SOS Xtreme Comfort are here to help you get the solutions you need.

We offer commercial-grade whole-home generator systems for all of our residential and commercial clients in PA, NJ, and NY. For decades the name SOS Xtreme Comfort has been the only one you need to know for complete home appliance solutions, and we’re proud to offer top of the line power solutions from Honeywell and Generac to all of our clients.

Seeking a whole-home generator for your NY, NJ, or PA home or business? Get in touch with SOS Xtreme Comfort to request an estimate, or call your closest SOS Xtreme Comfort office today!

Why Choose a Whole-House Generator?

Portable generators can be a fair option in a pinch, helping you to power something simple in a time of need. But they have a lot of major weaknesses, not the least of which is lacking the power needed to keep you going during an outage. Whole-home systems are exactly that: whole home. That means you keep the safety of your lights being operable, your food is secure in a working fridge, your HVAC systems are all fine, and any other devices you need or want are covered.

With a whole-home generator, you get to essentially ignore outages completely, provided you have an adequate source of fuel. Not to mention they offer a plethora of additional perks, including:

  • A complete home power solution
  • Extended power outage coverage, helping you stay powered up for the day, weeks if needed
  • No risks of power surges that can damage home electrical systems
  • No hooking up or frantic plug fiddling in an outage. Just automatic access to power

Learn more about the many benefits of whole-house generators from SOS Xtreme Comfort or call or click to schedule a residential generator installation today!

Whole-House Generator Services

At SOS Xtreme Comfort, we cover all of your whole-home generator needs, offering leading products from reputable manufacturers so you can be confident that not only will our services be top notch, but that the products we install are from leaders in the industry. We can help you find the ideal home generator to suit your needs, matching what you want to keep powered with the ideal generator system and performing a precise installation that ensures your covered next time your utility power fails.

If your whole-home generator needs repair, just give us a call or contact our team of experts online today. 

Residential Backup Generators in NY, NJ & PA

Since 1934, both home and business owners have been turning to SOS Xtreme Comfort for top-class services and results that guarantee solutions to your home comfort, fuel, and power needs. All of our service areas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York experience frequent outages from all kinds of issues. And we’re here to ensure you’re protected no matter what kind of problem arises.

Contact us online today to find out more about our whole-home generator systems, or call our Tuxedo Park office at 845-351-4700. Closer to Milford, PA? Our offices in that are can be reached at 570-618-8055!

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