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Are Your Family and Home Protected by a Backup Propane or Natural Gas Generator?

Your family probably takes for granted that the refrigerator is keeping your food cold so it won’t spoil, or that the furnace is keeping the house warm on a cold winter day, or that flipping a switch makes the lights turn on. We don’t appreciate these things, that is, until a power outage causes such everyday conveniences to immediately stop. Food spoils. Flashlights are fumbled for in the dark. The finished basement slowly starts flooding.

When severe weather hits, or your area falls victim to an increasingly unstable, overburdened electrical grid, a power outage is inconvenient, to say the least. But it can also be costly or even dangerous – or fatal – if anyone in your home relies on medical equipment for their health.

You are not going to adequately solve these problems with a little portable gas-powered generator. It is not powerful enough to run your home’s major energy-reliant systems, and it will also release noxious, even hazardous, fumes. Instead, you need a professionally installed commercial-grade backup system that stands ready to run your entire home quickly, quietly and efficiently until utility power returns.

Below is just one of the excellent gas-fired residential generator brands and models that we sell, install, maintain and repair:

Honeywell Residential Generator

Honeywell Generator

The Honeywell generator is a powerhouse suited for even large homes with multiple 5-ton air conditioners.

Causes of Power Outages

Source: Washington Energy Savings