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Heating Equipment

Call SOS XTREME Comfort for Affordable Oil and Propane Gas Heating Systems Sales, Maintenance and Repair

All year-round your family depends on various heating systems, while often taking their operation for granted.

But try staying warm in the winter without a working furnace, or washing your dishes or showering without hot water. For that matter, a built-in pool gets pretty cold in the swimming season without a pool heater.

SOS XTREME Comfort® offers you affordable sales, maintenance and repair on all your heating oil and propane gas equipment – from gas hearths to oil storage tanks, from furnaces to boilers…and even barbecue equipment.

Our professional sales and service staff work tirelessly to keep up with the latest developments in products and repair, ensuring that you always have our best possible support to buy or maintain any heating system in your home.

SOS XTREME Comfort consistently achieves over 98% Customer Satisfaction rating as measured by Trane Customer Surveys.